One of the most abundantly occurring hazards in a property is the fire hazard. Whether a commercial or residential area, it is essential to take necessary fireproofing measures. Apart from fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and fire detectors, consider installing fire rated doors in your property. It will not only protect your premises from fire but prevent it from spreading in case of an accident.

The fire-rated advantages

Fire rated doors are regular doors or shutter rollers made using different fire-resistant materials. These doors can withstand fire for a few hours, preventing it from spreading throughout the property and giving enough time for the emergency services to arrive. Some benefits offered by these doors are as follows:

  • In case of a fire emergency inside a property, they help safely and quickly evacuate the people present there. They withhold the fire and prevent it from spreading any further, which gives time for effective evacuation.
  • By installing fire-rated doors, you can minimize the fire damages to the property.
  • Fire damages can create a lot of smoke and toxic gases; these doors help prevent that as well.
  • These doors are tough, durable, and robust. They are corrosion resistant and can withstand different types of temperature. Being rigid, they can save your home from thieves and burglars too.

Where to install them?

Most of the time, the doors are installed in commercial properties or industries, but due to its immense safety, the doors can be used in residential properties. It is essential to place the doors at the right place to maximize the building’s fire strategy. Choose the entrances and exits to install these doors. You choose to install them in doorways that connect two buildings. You can also place them on stairways from where people can evacuate the building during a fire emergency. You can also build a fire safety vault for your valuables with these doors.

If you want to be safe and live a worry-free life, installing these doors can be a good decision. They will help upgrade your overall fire safety strategy without interfering with your building structure or its aesthetics. But to get the optimal safety from fire, make sure to choose the best quality door and get it installed by a professional. With these small measures, you can potentially protect your property, people, and valuables from fire damages, leaving the stress behind.