What is safety sam?

PDS for safety tips and tools and best cut resistant gloves


Their mission

Provide the customers with quality security products and services at reasonable prices.


Asian workers often use inappropriate personal protective equipment designed for Europeans. Their passion for PPE and real-world compliance has led to developing the PPE Worksafe range, which is available in Asian sizes at an affordable price. Currently, they are a management and human resource development company with offices in South East Asia and sales agents in Asia.


PDS continues to focus on preventing workplace injuries through safety products and expertise. These people believe all employees to be family members. They never stop growing and working hard always. Safety and care are the prime pillars of their business and the heart of their business.


PDS vision

By meeting the real safety needs of all workers, we will be the best safety experts in Asia.

cut resistant gloves


Partner with PDS

The PDS Mission Statement states that they are committed to protecting you. But you can’t do this alone. Contact them for partnership opportunities or the best safety, cut resistant gloves.


Features- safety considerations 

So why is safety so important? 

Being knowledgeable in safety is necessary for health. It is important to take notes for safety to all the adrenaline junkies who are skydiving, surfing, or Juggling knives enthusiasts. Taking risks means you need to pay attention to your safety, PPE, and habits. After all, you wouldn’t be able to climb any more rocks if you injured your hands!


The renowned brand for safety tools- Safetysam

They bring you the latest tools and gadgets for safety, like cut-resistant gloves. That’s why we introduce the latest PPE and educate people on new ways to keep safe! They are here to help you with all your safety needs. The gloves they offer are made from supreme quality material that doesn’t wear out easily. It is easy to clean to maintain sanitation and cleanliness. It is comfortable to wear and flexible to make it easier to work. These come in sizes to cater to a large customer base. Safetysam is a trusted brand. Its happy and satisfied customers can vouch for its quality and integrity.


Check out their website to buy their amazing products. They have partnered with the best delivery agents to deliver the parcel in three to five working days.