If you want to have a corporate phone system for your business and switch your single-line traditional phone system then you should do a business phone comparison before making a purchase. Business phone systems can increase productivity and improve communication in your office considerably. But it can be confusing to choose the right phone for your business and so you should have a basic knowledge about how the phone systems work.

This will help you to choose the right service provider also. The phone system is characterized by its features, phone type, and system’s size. But most of them have some basic inner characteristics that can help you get a better idea of phone systems that you are using or are planning to subscribe for.

Working on phone systems:

There are two main types of phones i.e. private branch exchange and multiline. These are similar but vary based on their complexities. The multiline phone is the simplest and standard version. With this connection, you can get a maximum of 8-10 single lines that merge into one phone. Each of these will show as a separate line such as line 1, line 2, etc on each extension of the phone in the office. They require manual operation too. On the other hand, a PBX system works in an automated manner and is often used by larger businesses. With a PBX system, you get the option to have additional lines and there is no more need for a central receptionist.

Business phone system work

Multiline phones: 

Based on the available options, multiline phones may differ in their working. If you consider the most basic system then every line of the system would have its unique phone number. You can publish every phone number and consider it as a separate line. The line that gets the call will ring and then there will be a blinking of a light. If that line is in use then the caller gets a busy tone or the voicemail is activated.

Another option here is the rollover service. Here the person can publish only a single number and the incoming calls would occupy phone lines in descending order. For example, if you are making use of 3 incoming lines and 2 callers call on the number simultaneously then one call will go to line 1 and the second on line2.

Both of these types are offering call transferring and voicemail. There is also the speaker system which will allow the receptionist to alert the employees for incoming calls. All of these features which are mentioned above are very useful when they are used properly. For more info, you can visit https://www.comparisonadvantage.com.au/business-phone-systems/