When you start your animation project, it can seem like an overwhelming process. You have to decide where to start with the script, brainstorm what kind of illustrations you want, and then you need to find your animators. Animated web videos are the current trend in web videos today which is why studios providing animation services are popping up all over the country. Working with a studio has some advantages over being a freelancer.

Let’s start with the cost. Working with an animation studio can be cheaper than working with multiple freelancers. If you outsource the entire animation production process, hiring multiple freelancers to work on a project can be incredibly expensive. You also have to manage the project yourself, which will require valuable time and resources.

With the studio, you will be in contact directly with your producer, who will handle all the complexities of working with illustrators, animators, and editors. This will dramatically reduce the time you have to spend managing people and will free up a lot of time, not to mention stress relief!

Business Animation Videos for Your Marketing Objectives

Another benefit of working with a Singapore 3d animation company is that you have more control over the creative process. Since you are using animation, not actors, the movements and actions will be exactly as you intended from the beginning. The vision is more in line with your idea of ​​the video, because the animators simply bring the illustrations you originally used to life.

When choosing studios to work with your animation project, you should appreciate the different types of animation that the studio offers. You can take into account the animation style you need for that particular project, and this may influence your decision. The types of animation commonly offered by animation studios include board, 2D, 3D, and frame-by-frame animation. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the company’s past clients, see their demos and portfolios to get an idea of ​​what kind of work they are capable of.

Animation can be a great way to easily integrate your logos or color scheme. This can have a very positive effect on the image of your company. Your audience will respond positively to a smart and smart brand.

Additionally, web videos can be posted online through social media channels. With your logos and corporate identity, animated videos can be the perfect way for potential customers to promote your brand. As viewers of this video act on their own, they broaden the reach of your business – for free! Depending on the animation studio you choose, they can offer you some help with video marketing and at least advise you on the most appropriate social media or video hosting sites.