Know the features and purposes to play it well

Rocket Flail: Brigitte’s scuffle weapon has an expanded range, empowering her to hit different adversaries with a solitary swing. Brigitte’s essential assault is a skirmish weapon called Rocket Flail that hits foes in a frontal cone at a scope of around five meters. It bargains 35 harm for each hit.

Boundary Shield: Brigitte conveys a frontal vitality obstruction to assimilate a constrained measure of harm. Holding right-click conveys Brigitte’s Barrier Shield, which works relatively indistinguishable to Reinhardt’s Barrier, yet substantially littler. Brigitte’s shield has 600 wellbeing’s and is molded like a pinnacle shield, giving spread to her, yet very little for her partners. Review more on the 먹튀사이트 for better understating of the game

Shield Bash: When her Barrier Shield is sent, Brigitte can dash forward to daze an adversary.

While Barrier Shield is dynamic, squeezing left-click actuates Shield Bash. Brigitte dashes forward roughly eight meters, marginally thumping back and dazzling the principal for a hit for a brief timeframe. Shield Bash bargains 50 harm and has a cooldown of five seconds.

Repair Pack: Brigitte tosses a Repair Pack that can recuperate a partner. Any mending over that partner’s most extreme wellbeing gives them a shield. Brigitte’s E-Capacity Repair Pack works mechanically like Zarya’s Projected Barrier. The link for the game is also available in the 먹튀사이트. It’s focused on capacity with a long range—30 or 40 meters—that recuperates the objective for roughly 150 wellbeing’s and gives up to 75 defensive layers if the mend surpasses their greatest well-being. It has a six-second cooldown.

Whip Shot: Brigitte tosses her thrash a long separation, managing harm and thumping a foe far from her. Brigitte’s Whip Shot is fundamentally the same as Roadhog’s Chain Hook, aside from as opposed to pulling snared foes towards her, it bargains roughly 70 harm and thumps them back. Whip Shot has a four-second cooldown.

Rally: Brigitte moves quicker and gives every single close-by partner protective layer that keeps going until the point that it’s evacuated by harm. Brigitte’s definitive capacity, Rally, resembles a defensive layer variant of Zenyatta’s Transcendence. It endures 10 seconds, giving Brigitte a speed help and producing 150 protective layers after some time to herself and all partners inside 10 meters.