Getting pregnant is the most beautiful feeling that any woman can get. Not only for the mother but also for the expecting father, being a parent is the best feeling in the world. However, many parents today are facing issues like inflammatory arthritis or psoriasis or inflammatory bowel disease. For such parents conceiving babies with their regular medicines was getting really difficult. However, with the evolution of biologics drugs, things have changed completely. Today parents who could not have even thought of having a baby due to these diseases can now easily conceive and that without any risks.

What are biologics?

Biologics nowadays is not a new term to many people. Many people might be using it. However, for people who does not know much about this drug, here some explanation about it.

Biologics drug is a genetically engineered protein that is made from another protein or a gene. The way these proteins are formed, they act like natural proteins as a part of human immune system. Biologics is a protein that helps in blocking the protein that aggravates the inflammation process. These drugs were initially introduced in the year 1999 and later as the medical technology advanced and new nine biologics were found. These drugs are still in process of approval.

So the next big question is whether or not to use biologics during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Should you consume biologic during pregnancy?

There have been numerous studies on women to check the adverse effects of the medicine. Unfortunately, expecting mothers were not a part of this research because of various reasons. In fact, many women are advised to stop the medicine even before they plan to conceive. However, there are no tests that have proved that consuming biologics during pregnancy or breastfeeding is unhealthy. Many women rather prefer to take the medicine even during this time because not taking them has shown severe results. Studies have shown that:-

  • Consuming biologics during pregnancy has not resulted in any kind of adverse effect nor have any ill effects on the babies.
  • Men who consume this drug also do not have any undesirable effects on fertility.
  • Women who have been consuming biologics during breastfeeding as well has not shown any bad results on the mother or the baby

The studies are definitely encouraging enough to know that consuming this medicine does not have any dire results. However, as a mother you need to be cautious about taking this medicine, since this medicine is quite new and still under observation. Though there is large amount of data supporting the safety of the drug, yet some results have even showed that taking this medicine during the second or the third trimester reaches the baby through placenta, thereby decreasing the number of white blood cells in the newborn.

So is it safe to use?

As a recommendation, it is advisable to stop taking the medicine if you are planning to conceive and even during the pregnancy. To get a better understanding, it is advisable to speak to your doctor about taking this drug before conceiving and during pregnancy as well as breastfeeding.