Children and students of any age and educational level will benefit from an academic tutorial session. This is particularly true as the competition in middle schools, high school, and colleges. A private tutorial is convenient and at times more effective for certain types of learners. However, it can be difficult to find a tutor online. The trick is to break down the entire process into doable steps. The following are some of steps to find a tutor online and make sure that your kid stays right on track.

Find out the specific needs of your child

You can do this by talking to your child heartily. You can start by asking his or her favorite subjects and the ones which he or she finds to be difficult. Ask the child if he or she is comfortable to have a tutor at home or in school. It also helps to ask the teacher what areas does he or she think the child needs help in. Check the child’s report card for low grades then come up with a comprehensive list of all the areas she or he has to work on more.

Begin the search the right way

It’s not enough to know the preferences of the child and teacher. It is also not possible to find personal referrals all the time. That’s why it’s important to know how to navigate different sites. The search engines are the first place to go when searching for tutors online. You can also check sites like and for tutorial service ads.

Filter carefully all your options

It’s important to screen your options for you to come up with a short list of tutors to hire. For you to do this, you have to know the categories you have to consider when picking the right tutor. Some of these are qualifications, expertise, experience, pricing, convenience, and personality.


Find out if the tutor has the degree, skills, training, and experience needed for the subject/s to be handled. This is especially necessary when the tutor is supposed to handle kids with specific learning disabilities.


It’s important for a tutor to have a pleasing personality particularly for kids who had negative experiences in school and associate learning with difficulty. A good-natured and optimistic tutor will help remove these negative associations with school, helping the kid excel more academically.


One of the reasons for parents to look for tutors for their children is lack of time; hence, it is only right to look for a local tutor. Perhaps the tutor can go to your place and review the child’s schoolwork at home or the tutor can hang out with your kid after school to do tutorial.