A shirt is perhaps the most versatile item of clothing in a man’s wardrobe. A well-fitting shirt can make the perfect impression on first dates and interviews. They’re also great for casual looks too. To look at your best, you have to ensure the shirt you choose fits your body. In this guide, well look at different body types, and the shirts that suit them.

The Basics

There are basic rules that apply for how a shirt should fit against the general body. The sleeves should fit well but allow room for unrestricted motion. The collar should feel comfortable, and you should be able to slide in two fingers when closed. There are guides to show you how all shirts should fit.

Shirts for Slim Men

A slim fit shirt or fitted dress shirt can complement smaller frames. Fitted shirts taper at the waist more than traditional oxford shirts and give a more tailored shape. It complements small waists while remaining well fitted on the chest and shoulders.

Shirts for Larger Men

Larger men struggle to find shirts that fit their body type. Baggy shirts will make you look bigger, and tight-fitting shirts cause the same problems. A regular fitting oxford shirt that skims across your chest and shoulders is the best option. If you want extra support, buy a shirt with thicker material.

Shirts for Shorter Men

Finding a shirt that doesn’t highlight your form can be difficult but not impossible. Striped shirts can give length and can add extra height. It’s also best to wear shirts you can tuck in. A tucked-in shirt will show your legs rather than covering and shortening them.

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Things to Consider

If you don’t want to look like a 12-year-old boy, then consider the length of your shirt. It should be long enough to stay in your waist band when raising your arms.

Shirts that are tight around the arms may seem like a good idea, but they make your arms look skinnier and oddly proportioned. It’s important you’re able to move around, and comfort should be one of your top priorities.