Humans are sentimental – we love to make memories and we give meaning to everything. Nowadays, people can keep all their memories not just in their minds and heart. But we are now able to keep and see them any time we want to – through video recordings and photos. Even you and I have our favorite movie and music that we want to listen and watch from time to time.

That’s why many businesses now offer CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Replication and Production. One of them isImplant Media.  Want to know more about them? Just go to this link:

You can now have anything and everything you want compiled in a CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray in high quality. May it be a video recording, photos, your favorite music or track and even movies.

You can have them for your personal use. Also, they are best as a gift and giveaways. Not only that, you can also use their services to help your business to expand and grow.


Services You Can Choose From

Implant Media offers a wide variety of services you can choose from. Services that might help you and your business. They are not limited to just CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Replication and Production. Below is a list of the services they offer:

  • Duplication (CD / DVD / Blu-Ray) – Duplication is simply a process of duplicating or copying data, such as music and others. They are copied into a recordable CDs or DVDs.
  • Replication (CD / DVD / Blu-Ray) – Replication on the other hand is a method wherein data such as music is being pressed into a moulded disc. If you are aiming to save money with an undeniably durable disc, then go for replication. Also, replication is more advisable for those who wants a high quantity.
  • Vinyl Record Pressing – A vinyl pressing is made from a negative impression of a master disc. You can choose from different sizes: from 7”, 10” to 12” record formats withColoured and 180gsm Vinyl; Test pressings; High quality sleeve and jacket printing; Inserts and stickers; Download cards and content hosting; andShrinkwrapping.
  • Business Cards – With different options you can choose from – whatever business or industry you’re from, they can make you a card exactly how you want it to be.
  • Garment Printing (T-shirt Design) –You can also have t-shirts with customized designs or prints. You can supply your own garment too.
  • Promotional USB Drive Production – With over a hundred of designs you can easily choose from, you don’t have to worry about deadline. If you have a specific design you want, they can create it for you.

Aside from what are mentioned above, Implant Media can also offer you services like: Disc Packaging, Stickers printing, General Printing, Design Services, Download Cards, and Master Creation / DVD Authoring. If you are interested with CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Replication and Production, or any of those services, feel free to contact them and visit their site: