Gifting is an essential part of any celebration. It’s a way of expressing our emotions and showering affection on the loved one. We always wish to gift something unique and memorable and spend a lot of time in picking the best of all.

However, when it becomes difficult to choose one gift, it is always great to choose more than one small gifts. Gift hampers are a great idea for birthdays. While the hampers often create an impression of the conventional gift items, one can experiment a lot with Hampers. A hamper is essentially a package of many small gifts, and hence one can pick a variety of items for the hamper.

Apart from ready made gift hampers one can go for customized hampers as well. Here are few unique hamper ideas for birthday:

  • Fruit Basket

The fruit basket makes for a unique gift hamper for a birthday. It is a healthy gifting idea which makes for a wonderful gift for a loved one. You can opt for organic fruits as well which are specially chosen from the farms. You can pick from fresh seasonal fruits. Fruit baskets UK can be delivered to any part of the country on the same day of booking.

  • Chocolate Hamper

Chocolates are yummy sinful desserts which people love to devour on. Many types of chocolates are available in the market. You can also pick for a readymade chocolate hamper from a shop or make a customized hamper made with chocolates of your choice.

Gift hampers

  • Book Hamper

If your loved one is an avid book reader, you can surprise them with a book hamper. It seems unique and different but will be loved by them. You can pick books from various genres and make a wholesome hamper.

  • Health Hamper

The health hamper as the name suggests should be full of health quotient. You can add various health tonics, detox juices, detox skin items, body care products and dry fruits along with herbs and spices for a sumptuous health hamper. The unique gift will definitely make your friend surprised and happy at the same time.

  • Gadget hamper

The gadget hampers consist of small gadgets that are loved by your tech-freak loved one. The gadgets can be as big as laptop or Smartphone or as small as hard disk or pen drive. It all depends on the hamper price.

  • Cosmetic Hamper

The cosmetic hamper is one of the most attractive hampers of all. However, the hamper is only confined for females. The cosmetic hamper should quintessentially have various nail paints, Lipsticks and make-up essentials like foundation, concealer, mascara, eyeliner, kohl, eye shadow, makeup brushes and the likes.

  • A goody bag hamper

The goody bag hamper can be a mix and match of many things. You can put chocolates, book, perfume, watch, pen drive, cosmetics, cupcakes and any other gift article.

Fruit basket can be delivered on the same day of booking with the help of online gift shops. You can also get a customized fruit basket made on order.