When compared to running a personal blog, running an eCommerce store is at opposite extremes. There is so much for a person to oversee, be it email marketing, speed optimization, shipments, or secure checkout. Shopify is loaded with a plethora of powerful apps for helping a person effectively monetize his store. This is the primary reason why several merchants tend to rely on it when it comes to their eCommerce ventures.

Luckily, this article will prove to you some of the Best apps for the management of a web store and the addition of new functionalities.

  1. Seguno

It is considered to be one of the best ways of implementing online marketing and turning a new or prospective buyer into a regular customer. This app helps a person to send emails to welcome their new customers, and also generates emails thanking them and in turn, building trust among them. This is extremely helpful to ensure that a buyer remembers a brand in a long run.


  • Sending quick thank you and welcome emails via an automated system
  • Using dynamic recommendations to help with abandoned card
  • Turning a new buyer into a loyal customer
  • Generating special discount codes
  1. Smile

Another perfect way for generating an increased amount of sales is via the use of referral marketing. A person can use this app for motivating his audience to make more purchases by spreading words about his web store.

Best Apps At Shopify


  • Designing a VIP-based, points, or a referral loyalty program for encouraging an increased amount of sales
  • Easily check the results through the analytics of the app
  1. Plug in SEO

This app is known to keep a close eye on the webshop and ensure the intactness of SEO. After installing the app, it automatically detects all the aspects of a store related to SEO; such aspects include SEO problems, blog content, keywords, speed, and broken links. As a result, a person would not be required to individually check pages.


  • Sending email alerts if any SEO problem comes up
  • Giving free instructions to fix SEO
  • Improving and checking SEO for gaining organic traffic
  1. Oberlo

Oberlo is the personal favorite of a lot of people today. It is known to be a dropshipping service that permits a user to come across popular products on any online platform and sell them immediately.


  • Finding trending products for dropshipping from suppliers present worldwide
  • Directly shipping from a supplier to a customer without the presence of any hindrance or interference
  • Tracking every order in a click


You can enjoy great functionality and increased versatility by using several apps on Shopify. These apps help in boosting sales, retaining customers, and building a strong eCommerce reputation; you can Check it for yourself.