Mainly derived from the leaves, seeds, and fruit pulps of a flowering plant, sea buckthorn oil is used as the traditional remedy for various illnesses & to uplift your overall health. Sea buckthorn is one kind of herb and its flowers, fruits and leaves are generally used for making medicine. There are many benefits of aceite de espino amarillo con omega 7, let us check them out in detail:

Sea buckthorn is the spiny deciduous shrub, which grows in chilly temperate areas of Europe and Asia including India, China, Finland, Poland, and Russia that yields a reddish-orange fluid on the cold distillation processes, called as the sea buckthorn oil.

Amazing Properties of the Sea Buckthorn Oil

Many cosmetic company use sea buckthorn oil in their products, as it is a thick and golden-orange liquid, which comes from the sea buckthorn berries. It’s possible to apply this oil to person’s skin and hair straight, or take it in a capsule or orally.

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Sea buckthorn oil has several compounds that is quite beneficial to your overall health. It includes:

  • Vitamins like vitamin C, A, and E
  • Fatty acids like gamma linolenic acid & palmitoleic acid
  • Antioxidants like polyphenols and flavonoids

Advantages of Using Sea Buckthorn Oil

Rich in antioxidants: Suppose you want to fight off those annoying free radicals, then you must add sea buckthorn oil in your daily routine. It’s rich in vitamin C, A, alpha & beta carotene, vitamin E, B1, B2, & B6, flavonoids and fatty acids, Omega fatty acids and Omega 7 & around 190 bioactive compounds.

Prevents moisture loss: Sea buckthorn oil and dry skin makes a perfect match, thanks to the amazing list of ingredient that can prevent moisture loss. This helps to avert trans-epidermal water loss that helps your skin to maintain the lipid barrier.

Moisturizes skin: Sea buckthorn oil helps to keep your skin moisturized and nice. It will help as the moisturizing ingredient since it has linoleic acid that is naturally found in sebum, thus it will help to regulate the moisture levels as well as help with the hydration.

Hair health: Omegas 7 antioxidants feed your hair and scalp from inside out! Even hair care specialists are recommending the sea buckthorn oil supplements that will help the clients to rejuvenate dry hair & combat breakage.

Most of the users have said that after taking the supplements they saw huge improvements in their health and hair thickness has improved.