Hiring a refrigerated container means you are leasing it for a particular sum of money, while buying it means that you pay a particular sum of money and own it. Regardless of how you decided to possess your refrigerated shipping container, you should know that it comes with both advantages and disadvantages. The refrigerated container comes with various function and features, including Blast freezers. Mobile bars, Meat rail cold storage, cold containers/stores and pharmaceutical refrigeration. Let’s examine some features of these various containers:

Cold containers/stores

Cold containers/stores are robust, hardwearing and made with “butchers door”, electronic temperature, sanitizing stainless steel and a recorder for electronic temperature. Cold containers/stores consist of a wide range of sizes, including 18 pallets, 58 pallets, and 38 pallets. They are also come in grade A, with standard specifications, and also they are perfect frozen, chilled, and defrosts foods. They are manufactured in other dimensions, such as 19 pallets, four pallets,  and nine pallets.

refrigerated shipping container

Reefers shipping container

Refrigerated storage containers are also identified as reefers. They are a type of refrigerated container use for shipping chilled and frozen products. They are a significant part of cold chains used for shipping food and pharmaceutical products, including other chemical shipments. Reefers shipping container are greatly important in shipping vaccine supplies to further distance destinations, particularly in areas that experience warm and hot climate.

Warranty and insurance cover

Factory warranties protect most refrigerated shipping containers that supply perishable or fragile products. So, you don’t have to worry when hiring an insured refrigerated storage container. So, you should never hire any shipping container that doesn’t have an insurance cover for properties or product they transport. Additionally, it would be best if you also went for a company that offers a warranty cover for a certain period of time. So, any damaged or loss of the property during the covered duration will be compensated.

It offers an excellent choice and an affordable option.

Refrigerated containers for hire offer an excellent choice that contains chill and freezers boxes. These containers and boxes are portable, and they are easy to deliver to nearly any area depending on the road condition. These containers endure any temperature from below 10 degrees Fahrenheit to over 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature control is simple and easier to ship household products, especially the most perishable ones.


Refrigerated shipping containers are also used in intermodal Freight shipping that requires refrigeration of perfect temperature control goods. Another useful refrigerated container is ISO container that incorporates refrigerated units running from the outside electric supply in a land-based site to container ships or quays. Visit SCF refrigerated shipping container of official website and learn more about different types of containers and their uses.