The combination of high frequency and hair treatments produces an even greater beneficial effect than the action of the individual elements Looking for hair loss treatment in Singapore? Click here.

For example, a program of High Frequency sessions combined with the substances of the Fisio Complex treatments, the result of the research of the Helvetico Sanders Institute, allow the following results to be obtained:

Antiseptic and sanitizing action

The High Frequency revitalizes the scalp thus counteracting the action of common saprophytic organisms in paraphysiological skin conditions.

Vascularizing action

With the High Frequency hair treatment, the vasodilation of the capillaries takes place which, rich in oxygen and micronutrients, bring vitality to the follicles which in the meantime are assisted by the treatments in the rebalancing process and the correct root uptake activity. In this way, hair regrowth and its protection are favored.

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Increased permeability

Thanks to the ability of the High Frequency to increase skin absorption, the Fisiocomplex complex goes deeper, acting at an intrafollicular level and enhancing its action in a targeted way exactly where it is needed.


hair By improving the follicular metabolism and the activity of the bulbs, the treatment of the hair with the High Frequency improves the production process of keratin, an important constituent of the shaft, strengthening the hair and increasing its volume and resistance. Increase in the effectiveness of complementary treatments. Stimulation through High Frequency enhances the effectiveness.


The number of sessions with the High Frequency equipment is established by the experts of Istituto Helvetico Sanders on the basis of the cases found in the analysis phase. What determines the effectiveness is also the experience in the manual skill of using this equipment which is different in the various types of cases. Precisely for this reason the role of experts becomes fundamental, who  personalize the session every time.

Act promptly

Excessive hair loss is often noticed when there is already uncovering of the scalp or when you begin to notice a receding hairline.

Androgenetic alopecia is the leading cause of hair loss in both men and women. It is a slowly progressing problem, so when you realize that something is changing in your hair it means that in reality the fall had already been taking place for some time. It is important to act from the first signs to normalize the problem and prevent a more important impairment of one’s hair.