The success of any organization depends upon a multitude of factors; financial stability, favorable market dynamics, quality products, and the level of competition. However, the most important of these are its employees or their level of competence and dedication. If the employees are motivated enough they can turn around the fortunes of any organization through sheer hard work and discipline. These attributes can help any company gain productivity and reduce inefficiency. And to ensure employees work to the best of their ability an enabling working environment should be created where talent, dedication, honesty and positive outlook are respected.Such an enabling environment is created by the management through positive and forward looking policies. In many cases talented employees do not work to their potential as their skills and dedication are often given a short shrift. A leader who is impulsive, untrustworthy, does not think out of the box, and follows the trodden path without any vision can never inspire his or her team into accomplishing target oriented tasks. All successful companies have one common strand running through them – motivated employees. As only the motivated employees can dare to meet targets with the available resources.

People can be made to go through a plethora of training programmes, seminars and workshops but should their behavioral traits are not amenable to the type of job they perform, there is very little chance of them realizing their true potential. This ultimately puts paid to the work culture and brings down the productivity of a company. So, is there a way out of this morass? The answer is yes! Thanks to the online disc personality test.

What is this test all about?

This is an online test to be taken by the employees of an organization wherein their behavioral traits are assessed. Based upon the assessment, a proper roadmap is charted to help them achieve better results. This test does not measure aptitude, intelligence, or the value system of employees but builds personality profiles of them based upon a set of questions. These questions are mostly about specific work situations vis-a-vis challenges at work, employees’ pace of work, and prevailing rules and procedures.

How the test works?

A set of questions is sent to individual employees (inclusive of the leadership) through email and marked by individual access codes, wherein each one is asked about his/her behavioral trait, preferred choice of work environment, and strategy to be adopted when faced with a given situation. Thereafter, based upon the responses electronic scoring is done for each respondent. Consequently, a personality profile is created by the online disc personality test for each employee with strengths and weaknesses prominently earmarked. This information is very useful for the management and employees to be cognizant of as loopholes in the existing work environment can then be removed, and an enabling environment brought about to improve things.

What are the behavioral traits assessed through DiSC

The online disc personality test categorizes employees under the following traits

Dominance: Employees characterized by this trait would display

  • Decisiveness
  • Result oriented approach
  • Hard task master skills
  • Self motivation
  • Risk taking ability

Influence: These employees are decisive as well but more persuasive in their approach to go about their job. They display traits like

  • Teamwork
  • Impulsiveness
  • Loyalty
  • Charm

Steadiness: The characteristics on display are

  • Equanimity
  • Methodical
  • Patience
  • Cooperation

Conscientiousness: These people follow rules in letter and spirit and are mostly reserved in their demeanor. The traits are

  • Focus on accurate output and follow procedure to the T
  • Opposed to risk taking
  • Often self critical
  • Cautious

The above mentioned traits can be fully utilized by creating an enabling environment where employees can perform to the best of their abilities.