Water is essential for any living thing. Both humans and animals need water to survive and prevent their bodies from getting sick. Even plants need it to ensure they grow properly. But a time will come when the water will get contaminated, so people need to figure out what contaminant is in the water to get to the source of the problem.

This is where they conduct voltammetry, an electrochemical technique that is used worldwide. This technique is how one can determine the current state of any liquid.

A common tool they use to study water and other forms of liquid is using a VA analyzer. One needs to know the basics of a VA analyzer if it is ever planned to be used in construction, water treatment plants, rivers, etc.

What Does the VA Analyzer Do?

A VA analyzer’s main job is to find trace levels of contaminants in water like heavy metals. You have different heavy metals such as mercury, zinc, arsenic, copper, nickel, lead, iron, bismuth, etc. Conducting tests with the water is usually done inside laboratories with special lab tools and equipment.

However, there are times where they need to conduct on-site tests and get the results as quickly as possible.

Running to the laboratory will not cut it, so the best option is to use the VA analyzer. Anyone can achieve results within minutes when they use the VA analyzer. This saves you more time and energy running back and forth from the laboratory to the field.

VA Analyzer

The VA analyzer is simple to use, which means anyone can use it without having extensive knowledge about the tool.

All you need is to collect the water sample, place it in the dedicated cell, configure the predefined method on your laptop, and gather the results after a few minutes. The numbers will display on your laptop screen, and you can send the reports over to the laboratory without a hassle.

What Comes With the VA Analyzer?

Most laboratory equipment used for water analysis is usually large, so they are virtually impossible to carry around. Fortunately, the VA analyzer was invented, making collecting water samples and getting results faster and easier. To further make it easier for the user, it comes with other pieces as well.

  • Transport Case – You cannot call it portable without the entire VA analyzer fitting into a case. You need this to transport and keep the tool safely.
  • Disposable SPEs (Screen-Printed Electrodes) – What is great about the SPE is that they are maintenance-free so that you can dispose of them after every use. You even have the option to choose different working electrode materials.

How Efficient is the VA Analyzer?

When doing voltammetry,precision is a must. Every test result should come out perfectly to ensure there will not be any data complications. High-quality VA analyzers can produce test results accurately.

What you need to do is collect the water sample, click a few buttons, and the analyzer will lay out every bit of detail on the laptop screen. The VA analyzer is the best tool to use when analyzing water for any traces of contaminants.

The faster you get the results, the better you can conduct experiments and achieve the outcome you were looking for without a fuss. You can only achieve fast and precise water analysis whenever you buy from reliable suppliers.