Maintaining a home aquarium is a pleasant experience. Fishes need plants in their tank to hide. Many aquariums contain distinct layers of plants in them. The background layer not only creates a beautiful green backdrop for your aquarium but also provides essential cover and protection for the fish. You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking the greatest background aquarium plants. Dive in to know more about these plants.

Know More About Aquarium Plants 

Aquarium plants are plants that are customizedto live in water environments. These plants can only grow in water or wet soil. These plants also offer oxygen to underwater animal species. It plays a critical role in their biochemical processes. Moreover, they provide food for some of the underwater animal species. Some aquatic plants float above the surface, while others remain submerged. Few types of aquarium plants include:

  • Foreground plants: Foreground plants are plants put in front of the tank. They are short and grow more slowly than the plants in the background.
  • Mid-ground plants: Mid-ground plants are plants placed in the middle and along the sides of your aquarium. These plants are taller than foreground plants. They improve the look of your aquarium without taking up much space.
  • Background plants: Background plants are plants that you add to the back of your aquarium. They are large plants that can serve as an organic background and a hiding place for fish.

background aquarium plants

What Can Be the Best Background Plants To Use In An Aquarium? 

  1. Vallisneria: Vallisneria can be one of the best background plants to use in an aquarium. It is a narrow, long plant with bright green leaves that fall to a point.Vallisneria can grow to the top of a tank, and it also has a little extra that floats over the surface of the water. These floating leaves give unique cover for the fish and provide a sense of security.
  1. RotalaIndica: RotalaIndica is one of the most common background aquarium plants famous among both beginners and experts. It is a fast-growing plant with little leaves that become red when exposed to the right light and temperature. It can be a great plant to use for  aquariums.
  1. Anubias: The Anubias species is a plant that provides a little more variation. Some Anubias plants have broad and tall leaves and can grow quite large depending on the nutrients and illumination. Anubias plants develop thick, broad, deep green leaves that can handle even the most violent fish, whether partially or completely submerged.
  1. Ludwigiarepens: Ludwigiarepens or Water Primrose is another great aquarium background plant for any planted aquarium. It has spherical leaves that grow in the opposite direction of the stem, and its color varies from green to red depending on the amount of light it absorbs.