Arthritis is a common disability not only in the United States but all around the world. Each type of arthritis develops in its own way but all types affect the hands. Hand arthritis is very painful and usually causes inflammation. In some cases, you might even lose the use of your hand muscles.

Modern advances in technology are a big help in complementing your medical treatments. Arthritis gloves, designed to reduce pain and swelling, are now available in the market. These improve your hand function among its many benefits.

The different types

There are several types of arthritis gloves, and it is vital to choose the right one for you. Your choice will depend on your budget and particular needs. All these gloves can relieve your pain but they have different features to offer. These gloves are usually available in three categories:

  • open fingers or finger-tip gloves;
  • wrist wraps;
  • and heated gloves that use infrared light.

Veturo therapy infrared arthritis gloves

These gloves are one of the leading types of heated gloves. They cover the entire wrist and hand but reveal the fingertips to support movement in everyday tasks. These infrared gloves slide on with ease without constrictive straps. Wearing them outside will let the sun’s rays activate the infrared heat. The infrared technology increases blood circulation in your hands. It relieves arthritis pain. Taking care of the gloves is easy since they are also washing machine safe.

IMAK arthritis gloves

These are among the easiest gloves to use. They are elastic and made of cotton fabric. These gloves even have a seal from the Arthritis Foundation that ensures ease of use. Its compression fabric extends beyond the wrists. This does not only provide support for certain parts but also provides pain and swelling relief for the entire hand and wrist. There is not much constriction in movement because of the open-finger feature. You can check out national drugstore chains to look for IMAK arthritis gloves. These gloves are also available in different online shops.

Grafco wrist wrap

Most hand arthritis causes terrible finger discomfort. Sometimes, your wrists can experience this excruciating pain, too. Your wrist will need extra support when you play sports like tennis. Typing on a computer or doing some gardening will also be difficult without support. The Grafco wrist wrap provides the extra needed wrist support in these cases. The wrap has a thumb loop for easier adjustments. It lets you control the wrist compression you want to use.

The best compression gloves depend on your needs and preferences. Specialty arthritis gloves can reduce joint pain in the hands. Regular cotton gloves, especially after applying medicated creams on your hands, also help. They protect the cream from wearing off when you do daily tasks. It improves the effectiveness of the cream this way. Always ask your doctor for glove recommendations. Please click here for more information on different arthritis gloves.