An indestructible building consists of a solid foundation. The same principle goes with organizations and companies. The workforce or employees are the heart and the soul of an organization, which is why their voice matters. They also need to be updated with important information and announcements to ensure everyone is on the right page. No matter how big or small, a company needs effective communications software to keep everyone aligned. From the headquarters to frontliners – everyone deserves to not miss out on anything relevant to the company. Thankfully, has the best app for internal communication.

If you want a rich internal communication software that can easily cut through language barriers and time zones, is the one. It’s designed mainly for the modern and mobile workforce, and it bridges the gap in your company to bring the entire workforce together.

An App that’s Trusted by the Leading Brands

If your employees and workforce are scattered worldwide, but you want everyone to be on the same page all the time, has the perfect internal communication software for your company. With their internal communication app, you can reach your workforce in real-time. You won’t experience any more delays or setbacks because ensures that every message is sent to everyone with one tap. Onboarding your employees is easy, and they don’t need to use corporate email anymore. There’s no learning curve, so learning how to use it is accessible as a social media platform.

Make your employees feel included by using this excellent internal communications app from Make sure everyone gets the message! Share news, announcements, company events, and customer success stories to keep your employees aware of what’s happening with the company they are working for.

Make Sure Everyone Gets the Message

There are times your employees don’t have the time to check their phones all the time. They may see your announcements but after a few hours. So if you want to make sure that they read your important messages, pin them on top of the feed so they see them whenever they open the internal communications app. They may end up missing a few critical notes, but it’s not their fault since they may be managing customers and tasks throughout the day. So you can enable push notifications, SMS, and email, so they are aware.

You can also help your employees with information overload by sending messages to a targeted group. You can create groups according to roles, department, location, etc. For them to not miss it, they already know that they’re in that particular group. Once you send it to them, they know that it’s relevant only to them.