There has been a significant increase witnessed in the cases of lifestyle diseases across the world in the last few years. These health conditions include diabetes, hypertension and obesity. Anouk Govil mentions that many of these ailments, especially obesity, tend to be caused by the unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits followed by people today.  He mentions that one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of developing these health conditions would be to take care of one’s mental and physical health, as well as participate in any outdoor activity on a daily basis. Engaging in physical activities while being in the open air and fresh surroundings can have a host of health benefits.

It is a well known fact that taking part in outdoor activities can be quite advantageous for both children and adults. These activities tend to have multiple long term health benefits, and aid in stimulating the blood cells of the body and reducing obesity. Anouk Govil mentions that even though many have this misconception that engaging in activities outdoors is largely meant for children, it is vital to note that these tasks can significantly help adult men and women too. They can consider it to be as a means of recreation through which they get to spend time in the fresh air and truly enjoy their natural surroundings.

Anouk Govil points out the fact that in the fast paced life of today, very few people actually get enough time to admire the beauty of nature. Hence, choosing to perform their workout or physical exercise outdoors can come as a great opportunity for them to stay active, as well as to get a chance to discover the diverse incredible wonders of nature.

Outdoor Activities

Here are a few of the major benefits taking part in outdoor activities according to him:

1. Outdoor activities are quite flexible in nature, and can easily be performed in solitude or even with family and friends, as per the personal preferences of a person. People may even join their local recreational sports team to take part in such activities, as get the advantage of socializing alongside it.

2. Options are unlimited when it comes to outdoor activities. Hiking, canoeing, running, swimming and racket and ball sports, are some of the most common and enjoyable outdoor activities. These activities tend to keep people motivated and encourage them to complete their daily workout routine.

3. While the physical advantages of various outdoor activities are quite apparent in nature, they also have quite commendable benefits for the mental health. Carrying out a physical exercise in the open air can work wonders in reducing the stress levels of a person, and can also be helpful in preventing certain cases of depression. There are certain physical activities that additionally are effective in reducing anxiety, especially when carried out in open air.

In addition to the above mentioned benefits, people also get their daily dose of Vitamin D by working out outdoors.