Oxandrolone, having chemical formula (C19H30O3) is an anabolic steroid that is most popularly known as Anavar and is meant to provide outstanding results. It is a synthesized version of testosterone that boosts lean muscle mass, cuts body fat and improves strength, when associated with right workout and correct diet pattern. It has got infrequent and mild side effects, which attracts customers on all ground, generally the beginners. Though you may find the product from many different online sellers, you should always buy from the most reputable sources online.


Since it is mildly androgenic, it helps to build muscle strength and many assist muscle growth without negative effects. It is a great choice for those who want to improve their strength without a lot of weight gain. Women generally use it to avoid accelerated body hair growth and other types of muscularity.

The dosage of the Anavar cycle varies with person depending on the experience with anabolic steroids and the tolerance of your body towards the compound. The right Anavar dose also depends on whether you are using it for bulking cycle or weight loss. Beginners may first try individual tolerance in limited steps before they start with the actual Anavar cycle.

Anavar half-life is 8 hours. So you can take a daily single dose or take it twice a day. Men take 20 mg or 25 mg per day while women take a little less dose of around 10 mg per day. You should highly stick to medical advice from your physician before you start with Anavar.

Is it safe?

Healthy people are generally safe with the regular dosage. The general dose is quite flexible but yet many things must be kept in mind. Your health, diet and level of workout paly a vivid role in your body’s ability to tolerate an Anavar supplement without harm. If you have pre-existing kidney problems, heart condition, liver trouble or diabetes; you should abstain from this. Without a doubt, human grade Anavar can also be counterfeited as well. Try to buy from most reputable sources online.

Some side effects are always associated with any kind of drug. Therefore Anavar is no exceptional. Many effects are very mild and may go away on their own with time. Anavar filters through the liver, so it is important to use the lowest possible dose for the short interval of time.

You should have at least 5 years of training experience and knowledge of proper nutrition, don’t so steroid if you are under 24 years old, your test levels are probably in their peak, and suggest doing a hormone test.

When compared to other anabolic steroid, Anavar is very slight. It does endorse a considerableupsurge in strength although this will not be escorted with an increase in mass. When used as supplement, this pill will increase your rate of metabolism, which allows you to burn fat much more efficiently. Because Anavar is one of the most popular products used in bodybuilding, there are plenty of counterfeiters out there for this highly desirable anabolic steroid. Take care when you are buying.