Cat toys play a significant role in stimulating your oet cat. This helps them develop proper behavior and well-being and at the same time provide exercises. These toys are essential for indoor cats who may need more stimulation compared to the outdoor cats. With hundreds of cat toys available, it may be overwhelming to choose the best cat toys NZ to buy.

Why The Need Toys

Cats need toys to develop their mental and physical well-being. Toys simply make them happy and healthy. By having sufficient mental and physical stimulation, cats may easily develop good habits. This means that they will become less susceptible to behavioral problems. When cats don’t have enough exercise, they may resort to disruptive behaviors at night like scratching at surfaces and hyperactivity or playing aggression.

Toys That Are Great for Cats

The type of toys that suit your cat depends on its habits and temperament. Most cat toys are designed for cats to engage using their natural instincts like scratching, chasing, climbing, and pouncing. Your cat may indulge in a particular behavior more than others. It may also prefer different types. It is recommended that you don’t buy too many toys until you learn of the cat’s habits and preferences.

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Different Cat Toys to Consider

You may choose from any of the following toys for your cats.

Balls: Cats may love to chase or bat balls. You have several options: a regular ball, a ball with a bell inside, a crumpled paper ball, or a motorized one. Find out your options of the best cat toys NZ first.

Toy mice and other hunting toys: Cats are predatory in nature, and they need toys that tap into their predatory drive for them to stay entertained for hours. You may want to try a motorized hunting toy for your feline pet.

Scratching posts: Cats love to scratch. Cats naturally love to scratch. It’s their natural instinct that allows them to stretch and exercise their shoulder and back muscles. Cats may also scratch to express happiness, apart from keeping their nails trimmed. By having specific scratching posts, you can encourage your feline pet to scratch where you want it to and save your couch from being shredded.

Cat Toys Must Be Avoided

Always remember that not all toys are safe for cats to play. Contrary to what is popularly depicted, cats must not be allowed to play a ball of yarn or string. Remember that if swallowed string, yarn, ribbons, or similar materials may be stuck in your pet cat’s gastrointestinal tract. This may cause serious damage that can be fatal to your cat when not given intervention.

Plastics may also cause intestinal problems. Keep plastic bags away from children’s reach. You may also have to monitor the toys that they play with or chew on.