After graduating from college and having finished your bachelor’s degree, what is the next step that you will do? Would you prefer to take second schooling or would you prefer to look for any of the airport job vacancies hong kong? Nobody can refuse job vacancies in the airport since it has a higher salary compared to the other available jobs out there.

As an interested applicant, you may visit the official airport office and check available job positions that fit you. They are hiring fresh graduates or experienced applicants. If you are looking for a job right now and want to work at the airport in Hong Kong, now is the right time to apply for the job.

What are the job positions available?

When you are applying for a job in the airport, you can search the keyword airport job positions hong kong. After you key in the phrase, you will be provided with a list of vacant job positions that fits your profession.

airport job positions hong kong

Hong Kong airport is looking for the following:

  • Ticketing agent
  • Flight attendant
  • Customer service representative
  • Civil engineer
  • Transportation security officer
  • IT
  • Assistant land surveyor
  • Manager, procurement, and contracts
  • Project quantity surveyor and more available job vacancies

Job opportunities in HK

Airport Authority Hong Kong had managed and operated the HK International Airport, being one of the busiest and finest airports around the world. They are now inviting high-caliber talent with passion and creativity to join the meaningful and rewarding career journey. There are great job opportunities offered by AA now and anyone can apply. As long as you have the confidence as a qualified applicant, why not take it a try?

Airport jobs pay well

The salary in HK airports has the following record. Speaking about the salary, the median annual wage for flight engineers, pilots, and copilots was around $141 in 2018. But, it shows a difference to the median annual wage of a commercial pilot that ranges at $83 in the same year. Indeed, airport jobs in Hong Kong pay well. Although there could be some alterations done, still the employees are satisfied with their salaries.

Find job listing

When asking where to find job listings, some airlines advertise their job in several places, including online job postings. Career opportunities can be posted at the employment section of the airport websites. You may also search for proper keywords like “airport jobs in HK” or “airlines jobs in HK”.

All these details can help you with your job searching journey.