If we vape, our body takes advantage of around 50% of the cannabinoid, since it passes directly into the blood, unlike ingested, which reaches a maximum of 15% when it goes through the digestion process.

Compared to CBD flowers, CBD vape liquid is taken without combustion, thus avoiding the generation of myriad potentially carcinogenic molecules.  Also, being a refined extract, its components are limited and highly controlled.  This translates into a safer and less harmful way to take advantage of it without losing its effects.

The effects of vaping CBD are almost immediate 1-3min. It offers a better control of the ingested dose. It is much more discreet.  You will be able to vape without attracting attention since the vapor leaves very little odor.  It does not permeate clothing or the environment. In other words, vaping is the fastest and least potentially harmful way to get CBD into your body and reap its full benefits.

How to vape CBD

The main parameters to take into account when vaping cbd vape pen are the power, the ohm and the type of puff.  The idea is to use low power and high ohms.

Best potency for vaping CBD

In our experience, the most suitable power range for vaping CBD is between 10W and 30W, since this power causes little or no degradation of the CBD molecule.

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Best resistance for vaping CBD

Our advice is to avoid sub-ohm resistors, you will achieve the best results in terpene flavor and CBD integrity with resistors between 1ohm and 1.6ohm.

Types of puff for CBD

In general, the direct-to-lung DL puff allows larger clouds of vapor than the mouth-to-lung MTL puff, so in principle with a DL device you will obtain higher doses of CBD at the same concentration, power and ohm, although the flavor of the terpenes may be compromised.

Which vaper to use to vape CBD

The ideal is a device that works at reduced powers, with high resistances, and allows DL puffs, for which we recommend using PODs type vapers that allow a good passage of air.

How much CBD can I vape?

CBD for vaping is found in different concentrations typically from 100mg to 600mg. Unlike nicotine, where we start with high doses and gradually reduce, the recommended dose will depend on your physical condition and tolerance, so you can start with small concentrations and increase until you achieve a balance between taste and effects. what you want to get. In any case, as always, we recommend the precautionary principle.  CBD is not harmless and its use must be done responsibly and trying to minimize the dose necessary to obtain the desired effect.