Applying to college or university can be pretty daunting. Even the most successful students often recall college admission as one of the most difficult periods of their lives. But why? Because their future career depends on the choice made and the effort put in during this period.

Admission officers are pretty scrupulous when it comes to the application package. There are several requirements that must be followed to the dot for the application to be considered. Failure to comply with them leads to the immediate dismissal of the entire package.

Collecting documents, passing exams, and writing killing admission essay – these steps are always associated with worries and stress. You can help yourself ease it if you turn to for help. Experienced writers from this writing service can give you valuable up-to-date advice or even write a sample of a high-quality admission essay for you.

If you hesitate to ask for writing assistance, knowing some tips to make your admission essay stand out from the crowd will help you out. In this article, we have described the process of writing a jaw-dropping essay in five simple steps.


Honesty Is the Best Policy

Generally, all admission essay questions are similar. They often urge applicants to tell their stories through the lens of a certain acquired skills or knowledge. Write about something important to you. Do not fake it or make up your story. Its value is in it being sincere.

If it is hard to come up with one particular story for your admission essay, take your time. Make sure you choose an example that represents you as a person the most. Do not write something unrealistic or too pompous. Your honesty will also be evaluated.

Do Your Best to Answer All the Questions

While writing an admission essay, make sure you answer all of the questions asked. You may be provided with a list of topics, but each of them usually contains more than one question. Such an approach is used to guide students through the writing process. This significantly helps the marker, as admission essays then look standardized.

Thus, if you ignore a question, you get automatically degraded. Even though the rest of the essay may be written impeccably, failure to answer just one question can take you down the list.

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Pay Attention to Word Count

Word count is the requirement. It is wrong to assume that it is given just for reference. Lots of universities have special software that scans all submitted essays and deletes those exceeding or not reaching the allowed word count. If you write more or less than expected, your essay may not go through.

Try to put yourself in the marker’s shoes. Admission staffs read dozens of essays per day. If the word count was not specified, some students write four pages instead of one. Moreover, being able to express your ideas concisely is also a valued skill.

Show Your Personality

Admissions officers use admission essays and personal statements to get to know you. They cannot grasp an idea about your personal and social skills from exam certificates and academic records you provide. Thus, they need something very personal to see if you fit in the college community.

Remember to keep your voice throughout your essay. Whatever you are writing about, it should showcase your traits and speak in your favor.  If you have some unique opinions, this is the perfect time to make them known.


Grammar and spelling mistakes, as well as confusing sentence structures, can damage your application. Since applicants are usually given enough time for essay writing, admissions staff are right to expect it to be flawless in terms of grammar and coherence.

Do not submit it before you proofread it. Or best, give it to someone to get a second opinion. Take some rest, and then get back to it. You will find more errors and unclarities every time you do it. It is essential to make sure that you are okay with every word you placed in your essay.

Final Words

Writing an admission essay is an extra test. You are supposed to demonstrate the art of thinking out-of-the-box while talking about your skills and character traits. Also, it shows whether you can play by the rules or not. Therefore, take it seriously or ask for help. Remember that your future depends on what you write in this essay.