How does time fly? There was a time when people roamed around freely. Now we are all afraid to come together, and if we do so, we take the aid of masks. When it comes to service providers, they cannot ignore their customers, for that is the very basis of their survival. But you have to physically distance yourself from others to avail of the services without affecting others in any manner. The acrylic counter is an absolute solution for this.

What are acrylic products?

The Plexi glasses, as they are known, are an inexpensive replacement for plastic materials. Since its first production in 1928, they have found uses in various products ranging from shelves, counters, windows to paint. The acrylic counter saw a massive increase in the demand owing to how it can be used to avoid direct face-to-face contact yet satisfy in carrying out the services.

What are the benefits of acrylic?

These acrylic products are useful since they provide various advantages over their counter plastic products. Let us see how they are advantageous.

  • Transparency: These acrylic glasses are transparent, which helps to see through easily and helps in dealing with the customers
  • Strength: This material has enormous strength, which helps it to withstand any breaks that may happen when falling down
  • Choices: With acrylic products, you have a variety of options to choose from. May it is color or size, customers can choose their perfect choice.
  • Attention drawing: When you are about to place a thing that requires attention, it is worth keeping in an acrylic cage. With the appropriate illumination, the cage will be highlighted at its best.
  • Light material: Light materials enable people to move the products easy

Why a perfect choice during COVID-19?

During the pandemic, we have to come across many guidelines and rules while setting up the counters for customers. They provide versatile using options at a nominal cost which makes them a perfect candidate for the counters. Listed are some of the other reasons why they became choices for counters during the pandemic-affected time.

  • The perfect barrier between the employees and customers: The strong yet transparent counters help to check the virus spread through droplets.
  • Social distancing: Counters help achieve the goal by serving customers following the distancing norms
  • Easy to install: They are considerably easy to install than other products. Being lightweight enables them to be carried easily and assemble at the site.
  • Easy to clean: Users can easily sanitize the glass counter and prevent any virus from a spread

Acrylic is a perfect product for checking the spread of viruses without affecting the customers’ needs. With versatile options and easy installation, they are a perfect choice.