The discovery and utilization of metals have become one of the best innovation of the world, the material is widely used in manufacturing different tools, particularly vehicles which includes yachts, boats and various types of ships. This being said, manufacturers have researched some of the best methods to protect their products from corrosion, thus the discovery and utilization of cathodic protection for corrosion control which all ship manufacturers and owners are using in order to keep their ships, boats and yachts sturdy and durable even when submerge at sea for a long time. 

Cathodic Protection

Ships, yachts, engine-powered boats and other marine vehicles are completely open and prone to the damaging effect of corrosion due to the chemical components present at the sea. The more these marine vehicles tend to be at the sea for the longest time, the higher the probability that corrosion would soon infest these marine vehicles. Fortunately, researchers have found a way to reinforce metal against corrosion, and that is by cathodic protection.

Cathodic protection is used to control the corrosion of any metal surface by making it the cathode on an electrochemical cell. Countries from around the world have added different techniques in order to strengthen their cathodic protection system. One of these countries is Singapore. Singapore offers a variety of cathodic protection system such as: grounding system, ICCP, SACP and many other cathodic protection offers, which is only available at Singapore’s widely known marine engineering company: The Cathodic Marine Engineering PTE LTD. 

The company offers ICCP or the Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system, which is claimed by experts and shipowners as the best long-term solution to corrosion problems. Ship owners all over the world prefer this protection system as it offers low maintenance, less fuel cost, along with the fact that it acts as an alternative to sacrificial anode systems which often require replacement.

Cathodic Marine Engineering PTE LTD in Singapore also offers its MGPS or the Marine Growth Prevention System, which is specifically designed for ships that resides on the sea for a long period of time. In particular, this method is use to eliminate unwanted marine organisms from entering the ship’s internals, terminating them and eliminating the risks of corrosion and various possible brokerage.

In accordance to this, marine organisms such as macro and micro often causes corrosion in the ship’s sewer system. This leads to different damages in the ship’s system such as overheating of different cooled machineries, as well as the increased rate of corrosion and the thinning of pipes.


Singapore’s Cathodic Marine Engineering PTE LTD offers the best cathodic protection for corrosion control. It’s not a surprise why the country is considered as one of the best when it comes to their various cathodic protection system. Singapore’s techniques, methods and meticulous process of cathodic protection which helps the lifespan of a ship or any metal marine vehicles really last for a long period of time, even if its at sea for a couple of years.