Did you know that there are more than 37 million active YouTube channels in the world as of the year 2020? Vlogs are an incredible way to document your life and the things that you love. This could be travel and adventure or it could be sport and entertainment. It puts a video into play when following each step of your journey through life.

There are many great tools at your disposal to help you capture a different angle when it comes to your vlog and setting yourself apart. It is difficult to know which of these tools you need most when you’re first getting started. Luckily, you’ve come to the perfect place to learn more about the seven most important tools that you need for your vlog.

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1. A Quality Microphone

While vlogs are all about the videos that you share of your life experiences, videos aren’t complete without quality sound. This means that you need to look into investing in a quality microphone when you get started with your vlog. You want to ensure that each of your viewers has no issues with hearing you whenever you post your newest content.

Odds are that your viewers will close out of your videos if the sound quality is poor or they’re struggling to hear you. The best place to get started when it comes to buying vlogging equipment is definitely a quality microphone. Bad sound will translate to having a poor number of followers and it will be hard to continue growing your blog if no one follows it.

2. Good Lighting

Another important tool that you’ll want to get for your vlogging career is ample lighting. Good lighting allows you to capture the best quality of video possible for your next vlog post. It helps to make your content look professional which is more likely to build trust with your followers and allow you to engage with them.

Good lighting will also make the camera that you’re working with produce better footage. You don’t need the best technology and the most expensive camera in order to get high-definition footage for your blog. Getting great lighting is the biggest factor when it comes to quality footage.

You’ll also get the benefit of looking healthier thanks to your lighting setup. The good news is that getting a good lighting setup isn’t expensive. When you compare the costs to the benefits it is a definite no-brainer to invest in good lighting for your vlogging career.

3. Right Lights

This type of must-have vlogging equipment ties into the previous section but it is so convenient and vital that it deserves its own separate section. Odds are that you’ve seen people using ring lights when they’re capturing content for their vlog while on the go.

They’re also an important piece of equipment for any vlogger that produces beauty content for their channel or vlog. It is great because it helps to remove shadows on your face to capture the best content possible. It also produces the right amount of light to really make the colors of your skin, makeup, and eyes come out.

There are a ton of great options on the market when it comes to purchasing a ring light so you shouldn’t have any issues finding a great balance of cost and quality for your needs.

4. Camera

Arguably the most important thing to invest in when you’re starting your vlogging career is the camera. Lighting can help a poor camera produce high-quality footage but it is still a great idea to get the best camera within your budget. The best cameras are waterproof and produce great footage if you plan to travel or go on an outdoor adventure.

There are a great number of options available for vlogging when it comes to cameras online so it is up to you to do your research and find the one that fits your needs the best. A good starting point is to read reviews of different cameras and see how the vlogger felt about their experience with that camera. This will help you know if it is a good fit for your vlogging plans.

5. Drone

If you plan on doing any type of vlogging that involves nature and adventure then you’re definitely going to want to invest in a quality drone like the one at https://www.drdrone.ca/pages/dji-mavic-3. Drones will help you capture a completely different angle than you’d otherwise have access to.

Getting a multi-rotor drone will give you a drone that doesn’t need any space to take off or land and that is stable for capturing quality aerial footage. It will help you produce breathtaking footage that you can post on your vlog. You’ll make the most of each and every adventure.

6. Remote Shutter

A remote shutter is another great piece of equipment to invest in for your vlog. This helps you to have greater control over the content and the footage that you capture since you can control the shutter from a distance. This makes recording video a much easier task especially when you’re capturing aerial footage.

7. Editing Software

There is no doubt that the video content you’ll create for your vlog will be incredible but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t invest in video editing software. Getting video editing software will allow you to take all of the video footage you’ve captured and put it together for the best presentation possible.

This is vital if you have plans or dreams of becoming a professional vlogger in the future. Don’t skimp when it comes to getting editing software for your footage.

Now You’re Ready to Capture a Different Angle With Your Vlog

There are millions of vlogs so it is important that you have all of the right vlogging equipment to capture a different angle and produce content that will take your viewers’ breath away. Make sure that you have great lighting to improve the quality of footage you capture and it is also a good idea to invest in a drone. You also need to get editing software to make it all come together.

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