Putting together a room that your kids will love is never the easiest thing to do.

What if you put something up and they don’t like it? What if they change their mind about what designs they like in a year?

With these 7 kids’ room decor ideas, you won’t have to second guess your decorating! And your kids will love it!

1. Invest Early On

As your child grows up, you want to make sure they’re not constantly growing out of the furniture that you put in their room. That would add up in price pretty quickly.

Instead, after they graduate from their toddler bed, you should invest in a high-end bed and dresser that will last them through their teen years.

Different materials like wood or simple white furniture will match whatever else you decide to do in there and can always be painted if they need to be.

You could also focus on the flooring style early on, too. Hardwood floors will never get old! Then you can also choose a rug that will grow up with your child. A lot of natural fiber rugs are great rugs to invest in that will last a long time.

2. Add in the Details

The little details are probably what your kid will love the most about their new room. And the best part about little details? They can change with what your kid wants throughout the years.

Whether this is the style of the picture frames or different wall art, there are many cheap options to choose from that your kids will love! You can even have them help you pick out different decor and trinkets for their room to make sure they love it all!

3. Add in Fun Lights

Let’s face it. Some of the coolest kids’ room decorating ideas have to do with lights.

You can shop around for so many different cool lamps that bring out the overall theme and design of the room with a pop of color or a unique shape. You could also consider adding fairy lights around the bed for one of our kids’ room decorating ideas for girls.

You don’t have to use lights just for lighting, either. You can use them as signs (like a peace sign) or the backlight of sports memorabilia. You could also spell out a fun word on the wall with the lights or maybe even add in a quote!

You can choose from dim LED lights or these neon lights for whatever you think would look best in your kids’ room!

4. Create a Hiding Spot

Okay, what kid wouldn’t want a cool and unique hiding spot in their room!? As a child, they’ll be able to sit in this little cubby to play with their toys or just escape from the world.

The best part about this? The hiding spot will grow up with them. As they get older, this could turn into their reading nook or the place they talk to their first love on the phone late at night.

You can change out the decor within the hiding nook as they grow older for a really cheap price – like the pillows and stuffed animals to a bean bag and fairy lights.

5. Add in a Play Spot to the Corner of the Room

One of the coolest kids’ room decorating ideas is to put in a play spot in their own room. For kids’ room decor ideas for boys, this could include their race cars and video games. For girls, this spot could include their dollhouse and set up to play house with their stuffed animals and dolls.

As your kids grow older, this spot can grow with them as well. Instead of having a play area, you can just replace their doll house or video game section with a desk for them to do their homework after school!

6. Create a Built-In

There are so many DIY kids’ room decor ideas, but one of the best ones is a built-in bed or shelving area in the room.

Whether you choose to make the built-in separate from the bed or part of the bed, it is a timeless classic that will never get old! Your kids will always love the look of this in their safe space.

7. Make a Picture Wall

Part of being a child and growing up is creating memories during it all. Giving your kids a place to show this off on a picture wall is the perfect way for them to express themselves and remind them of how loved they are. They’ll always have their best memories right in front of them.

The best part of this? This picture wall is a cheap option to do! You can get cheap frames from different places, and as they build more memories, they just have to change out the picture on the inside of the frame.

Another idea for how to put the pictures is on a string. This is an even cheaper idea and won’t require any frames!

Love These Kids’ Room Decor Ideas?

There are so many kids’ room decor ideas out there, but these are some of the best and most practical for you to give your child!

Not only will they love these decor ideas as a kid, but they will continue to as they grow older.

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