At some point, all house owners face a dilemma regarding their floors. They would worry, ‘what to do with the floor?’. Should they choose carpet or wood flooring? Tile or Vinyl? And What kind of flooring will benefit the house the most? Skilled and Experienced Tiling service providers like NHK tiling help their customers make the right decision for their homes. However, before making a choice, a homeowner must know everything about using tiles for their floor.

Tiles are square or rectangular shaped thin objects made from hard-wearing materials like ceramic, metal, baked clay, stone and sometimes glass. They are generally used to cover walls, floors, roofs, or sometimes table tops and the different materials and colour schemes add a stylistic touch to the home interior. These objects can range from squares to complex shapes or mosaics. The versatility allows the homeowner to bring their vision of their interior into existence. So, here are some of their important benefits:

  1. Durability

Tiles are highly durable as they are resilient when it comes to wearing and stains. Hence, they are the perfect choice of flooring for high movement areas. However, it does not have substantial impact resistance and is likely to crack when someone drops a heavy object on it.

    1. Low Maintenance

Keeping the tiles in good shape is the least of a homeowner’s worries. Because of the durability tiles offer, it does not require much upkeep. However, homeowners must clean them just like other surfaces when they get dirty, are required to apply a sealant on the tiles once every 4 or 5 years.

  1. Cost-Effective

Tiles, specifically ceramic tiles, are among the cheapest floorings available in the market. When factoring the purchasing & installation costs and its longevity, tiles are worth every penny. However, this depends on the type of tile the owner chooses as high-end tiles that tend to be more expensive are also available in the market.

  1. Eco-Friendly

Manufacturers make tiles from glass, sand and clay, and they often combine these materials with recycled products to form ceramic tiles. They also keep the electricity bills down by keeping the floors cool during summer and warm during winter. They act as a layer of insulation and thus eliminating the need for air conditioning.

  1. Water-Resistant

Ceramic tiles are immune to stains, and water damage as manufacturers glaze them with a protective layer on the surface, and this is why homeowners use tiles for their bathroom floors. They are also naturally resistant to humidity, making them ideal for most weather conditions.

  1. Resale Value

In the long run, installing tiles can be profitable for the homeowners if they are enlisting their homes on the market. An attractive tile floor can easily fetch the homeowner a few thousand dollars when they sell their house.

  1. Air Quality

During production, manufacturers heat the tiles to extreme temperatures in a kiln to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and these VOCs contribute to a bunch of health issues. While other floorings like vinyl or carpets contain low VOC output, tiles are in the league of their own.

Choosing the right tile for the floors is crucial, and a wrong decision can be costly for the homeowner. And one doesn’t have to worry since tile expert companies like NHK Tiling are across the country, ready to assist property owners in choosing the right flooring for their houses, and they make sure that homeowners never regret their decisions.