When people think of owning a business, they think several things are most important to succeed. These often include things like product pitches, prices, and location. While each of these matters, they’re not the essential thing.

Instead, your central priority should be to develop brand identity. What is brand identity?

Your brand identity is the way people see and perceive your company. It encompasses more than your products. Instead, it captures your values, services, and people.

You cannot overestimate the importance of brand identity. So, in this guide, we’ll provide you with five tips for building your brand!

1. Develop Brand Identity that Shows Who You Are

When building a company, it’s critical to think of what the customer needs and wants to experience. However, it’s also essential that people see your business as a reputable and helpful resource.

For example, let’s say you have a web design service and promise to deliver new, up-to-date websites. But, when the customer checks your site, they find you have a black and white web page. Why would they trust you to provide what you promise?

It also helps if you focus your business around values. For example, if you say you support eco-friendly initiatives, it helps to have solar panels visible on your roof.

2. Benefits of Having a Mascot

If you have a well-designed mascot, it can be tremendously helpful for your business. A mascot embodies your company’s identity and values, helping you to feel more like a person than a faceless business.

Mascots are also fun and personable, helping to grab your customer’s attention. Think of successful company mascots like the Geico Gecko, the Michelin Man, or Chick Fil A’s cows as a guide.

3. Develop a Distinctive Logo

Having a logo accomplishes similar things for your company as a mascot. Designing logos involves following a few vital principles.

First, decide whether you want a pictographic icon or a more type-based graphic. You may find that some combination of these two works well for your company as well.

Several leading companies have made pictographic logos famous, such as Apple or Nike brand signs. Others, however, have made text-based graphics work well, such as Google.

4. Choose a Color Scheme

Logos and mascots go a long way to defining your brand. However, where would those features be without a color scheme?

Colors help define your brand’s personality. Typically, it’s best to choose between one and two colors for your company. You can experiment with several combinations until you find one you like.

5. Choosing a Typeset

In almost all brand communications, you’ll rely on text. These days, customers are more text-savvy than ever before.

As such, you must choose a font that fits your brand identity. Often, brands stick with one font for headlines and another for text. It’s usually best to stick with just two, but some companies can pull off a trio.

Start Developing Your Brand Identity Today

If you want to thrive in online marketing, develop a brand identity soon! This identity helps you set yourself apart and draw a customer base.

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