Time and again, Amazon has successfully proven itself to be the most user-friendly e-commerce world around the globe. Eliminating the right pain points and providing utmost convenience to its users at any given time of the day is its top priority.

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click and as the name suggests, Amazon PPC is an advertising tactic used by Amazon sellers in a somewhat auction-like setting. In this setting, amazon sellers bid on different search items to win position for their brand on the search page. Amazon’s basic goal here is to promote products, just like Google does with Google Ads. Here are some quick tips to help you improve your Amazon PPC.

Tip 1: Identify and use high performance keywords and filter out negative keywords

Keywords are both a blessing and a burden. Keywords make it easier to reach out to the target audience. However, it can get difficult to identify and incorporate the right keywords. It is very important to identify the high-performance keywords applicable primarily to your brand alone in order to appear in more searches. Moreover, recognising the negative keywords also benefit as it helps you better analyse and target your advertisements so they reach only the right target audience.

Tip 2: Remarket to the same target audience

Many times your customers, due to unavoidable circumstances leave right before reaching your landing page. These customers are said to be in the awareness phase so re-marketing to these customers only can result in a higher potential of lead conversion. This can be done by focused advertisements on different social media apps for these potential buyers that bring them back to your brand’s landing page. In addition to this, you can also invest in other lead magnets or paid ads on different platforms to attract these lost opportunities back to your landing page on Amazon, improving your amazon PPC.

Tip 3: Invest and create an appealing landing page for your brand on Amazon

When a customer approaches or lands on your page, the first thing they notice is the overall appeal of the landing page. The landing page is more important to the seller also because it is the first look at the brand. So, investing in creating an interactive landing page is of high importance. Additionally, product page optimization can also be done as the first step to improve the landing page for the brand. Bonus tip: Always have a call-to-action button on your landing page.

Tip 4: Adjust your spending on the basis of performance to invest right with metrics

Amazon offers its sellers inbuilt performance metrics that can help understand and analyse how the brand is actually doing. This benefits the sellers by clarifying what product is doing well and what product is a flop. This is why it is very important to use these performance metrics and then divide your budget for advertisement on Amazon PPC accordingly.

Tip 5: Invest in an Amazon PPC agency

All the 4 tips mentioned above can really help improve your overall amazon PPC performance. However, it can get a little demanding to manage and implement all these tips together. But it’s not impossible if you invest in an Amazon PPC agency. An amazon PPC agency works toward achieving the best returns for your brand by aligning its strategies to your goals. The main job includes but is not limited to analysing performance metrics, creating an interactive landing page for your brand on amazon, using different platforms to reach out to a larger target audience, etc.


To keep yourself up-to-date with technology, it is important to adapt to the new changes with ease. Amazon PPC agency simplifies the overall advertisement procedure with simpler and more accurate working, especially by targeting the keyword search engine optimisation technique.