In 2020 alone, American citizens owed over $114 billion in back taxes, penalties, and interest. One of the most significant reasons for failing to pay taxes is that most people don’t understand taxes. Tax laws are incredibly complex, and tax season meets so many of them unprepared.

This goes for both businesses and individuals. This means that hiring a tax strategist would be an excellent idea. This blog will highlight some of the major perks that come with utilizing the services of a professional tax strategist.

1. A Tax Advisor Will Help Minimize Taxes

Tax Strategists can provide valuable insight into ways to minimize taxes, both on an individual and corporate level, often without reducing income. A tax specialist will work with you to find ways to allow your business to keep more money. For example, they can help you minimize your tax liability by using a variety of methods.

Think about creating a trust and estate plan, which may include Intentionally Defective Grantor Trusts (IDGT). This would allow the income from a business or real estate investments to pass through to family members who are typically taxed at lower rates, thus saving on the total amount of tax owed

2. A Tax Strategist Will Give You Peace of Mind

Hiring a professional can provide you with peace of mind knowing that your taxes are being handled by someone who is up-to-date on laws and what changes are likely to occur in the future.

A tax specialist will have a thorough understanding of the current tax laws and how they can be applied to you and your family or business. They have a good idea of what changes may take place that would alter these laws.

3. They Minimize Your Chances of an Audit

A tax strategist can help reduce any chances of an audit by ensuring that all returns are filled out correctly. The penalties for filing incorrect taxes are quite significant.

You might have to pay several fines, including civil fraud penalty, accuracy-related penalty, and possibly criminal charges. Hiring someone who specializes in taxes can provide you with peace of mind knowing that no mistakes will be made.

4. They’ll Eliminate Conflicts Within Families

Having a professional tax advisor working on your taxes can eliminate conflicts between you and your spouse about money matters. You’ll have a good understanding of how the family’s finances are being handled. You’ll know what portion of the money earned or assets bought belong to each of you, and arguments can be minimized.

5. They Have Broad and In-depth Knowledge

A tax strategist will have extensive knowledge in estate planning, real estate transactions, rental properties, investments, business start-ups, and tax consequences when selling a business.

In most cases, this level of expertise is not available from an accountant who works primarily on personal taxes. They have a vast network and a wide array of tools, such as, which helps them carry out their projects professionally.

Top Reasons to Hire a Tax Strategist

If you find taxes confusing and all the more frustrating, consider hiring a professional tax strategist. There is a wide array of benefits you stand to gain, making it a wise idea.

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