Do you need to hire a project manager? When you have to hand off responsibilities to someone, you want them to have the traits and experience to lead effectively. On top of that, they should be personable and ready to step into high gear.

Read on to learn about the 5 qualities you should consider when hiring a project manager!

1. You Need a Team Player to Be in Charge

Communication is one of the keys to a successful business. You may be thinking of appointing someone internally or turning to a project management company.

In either case, you want someone who will keep everyone motivated. At the same time, you want someone who’s not afraid to hold members of the team accountable.

2. Choose a Strong Negotiator

Negotiation is part of the deal with small business project management. In other words, a project manager may need to negotiate a better deal with a contractor to save on costs. Or negotiation may come into play internally.

When working with people with strong personalities, a manager might have to persuade someone to serve in a lower role. This is particularly true if the role is a demotion. Ultimately, a project manager should be working to help people use their strengths to support the team.

3. Hiring a Project Manager Means Finding an Adaptable Candidate

Projects may veer off course. In those instances, a manager with adaptability is to your benefit! When hiring a project manager, go for someone who can stay calm under pressure.

You may need to spend more on costs with a contractor, for example. You may also need to pay more than anticipated for materials if prices go up. Ask your candidate how they have handled crises in the past to get a sense of their ability to adapt.

4. Project Management Experience Is Helpful

Hiring someone with project management experience is the best way to go. This is especially true if you’re in a specialized business. For instance, you may need a construction project manager with intimate knowledge of that industry.

Ask if your candidate has industry-standard certifications. If they don’t but sound promising, work with them to get the education they need!

5. A Qualified Candidate Can Use Project Management Tools

Project management tools can include anything from the latest organizational software to new leadership techniques. For example, a project may benefit from breakout sessions with team members or online collaboration. In these instances, your project manager should be well-versed in the latest approaches.

Similarly, a good project manager is aware of the best software to track progress and assign duties. They’ll be able to learn your preferred software quickly, too.

Find the Right Project Manager for Your Needs

Hiring a project manager may sound like a daunting process, but you can make it easier if you know what you want. Find someone with the communication skills to converse with employees. And prioritize experience before you hand off the responsibility to anyone.

For more tips to get your business in better shape, check back for new and informative articles!