Should you choose in-house or outsourced accounting services? Does it make a difference?

If you’ve been asking questions like this, then you’re in for a big surprise. The fact is, there are enormous benefits to be gained by outsourcing accounting work to a third party.

Most importantly, outsourced accounting is more trustworthy than in-house accounting. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about turnover. In general, they give you the peace of mind you need to run your business better.

To learn more about the benefits of outsourced accounting services, read this guide.

  1. Increased Security For You

Accountants are responsible for managing your company’s most sensitive information. A single mistake or intentional wrongdoing by your accountant could permanently destroy your company. Worst of all, if this accountant is a member of your in-house staff, then you are held responsible for this disaster.

On the other hand, if you outsource, you’re not liable for the mistakes or intentional fraud committed by your third-party accountant. They are held responsible for their own actions.

Besides, reputable third parties like Pacific Accounting Group are more trustworthy regardless. Or, at least, they have less incentive to do you wrong. Anything they do against you will only come back down on their own heads.

But an in-house accountant may get by under the radar with their misdeeds. Then, they cut-and-run before you notice.

  1. Increased Security For Clients and Associates

The worry about whether or not your accountant can be trusted transfers to your clients and business associates as well. For instance, how do your business partners know that your in-house accountant has their best interest in mind?

Alternatively, there’s absolutely no reason for them to assume any dishonesty from a third-party accountant. After all, these accountants don’t work for you. They work for themselves.

So, why would a third party put itself at risk for your benefit? Answer: They wouldn’t.

  1. No Turnover

Accounting is vital to your business. It’s not something you can go without for very long.

And yet, as we already mentioned, your in-house accountant could quit at any time. If they don’t like the job or they get a better offer, they leave. A third-party accounting service would never do this.

Furthermore, a third-party service is not dependant on one employee. Even if the specific accountant who is assigned to you quits, the accounting service you hired will promptly assign a replacement.

  1. One Less Thing to Worry About

With someone else taking care of your accounting for you, you get to focus more on the other important aspects of your business. That way, you do a better job running your business, and your accounting is in better hands, too.

  1. Easily Upscale or Downscale Your Company

When your company rapidly grows, your accounting needs might grow as well. For example, when you open a new branch, that branch will need accounting work, too. Likewise, you also need to restructure your business when you downsize.

Fortunately, third-party services are always the right size for your needs, no firing or hiring required. Plus, they’re never “in the way” because they don’t take up space in your building.

See What Outsourced Accounting Services Can Do For Your Business

Don’t make the mistake of doing your own accounting. Hire outsourced accounting services for your business.

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