More than 57 million freelancers are working various freelance gigs worldwide. If you’re looking to leave behind your regular 9-5 job and begin a new career as a freelancer, you’ve come to the right place.

Below we’ve listed the best freelance gigs out there, and once you’ve checked them out, you might find one, two, or three you may want to try your hand at.

1. IT Consultant

If you’ve got a background in information technology, you might consider checking the freelance gig marketplace for a position as an IT consultant. It’ll be important for you to understand your clients’ needs and work with the in-house technical staff to ensure the continued success and security of the IT department.

It will also be up to you to review the current IT system and make the necessary changes to ensure the client’s company remains within compliance.

2. Administrative Support

Another commonly searched freelance gig is one as an administrative assistant. Your job will be to perform the same duties, if not more than traditional administrative staff.

For example, regularly, you will:

  • Schedule meetings for office staff
  • Reply to client emails
  • Collect outstanding payments
  • Maintain electronic files and reporting

If you’ve got a background in customer service and organizational work, this is the gig for you. Most administrative support positions will require some level of bookkeeping work as well.

3. Social Media Manager

71% of businesses use social media for marketing their products and services daily. Most companies do their best to post to their various channels every day, but this can become overwhelming when other daily operations need to be taken care of.

For this reason, they’ll look to hire a social media manager. As their social media manager, it will be your job to create a content schedule and manage various ad campaigns that are launched.

4. Writer and Copywriter

If you’ve got skills writing or editing pieces of content, freelance gigs as a content writer will be up your alley. You can take on a few clients or several and write about several different topics.

Most freelance writers price their work based on the number of words they’re writing. Ensure you consider the time it will take to create each piece of content and your writing expertise.

5. Photographer

Not everyone has the gift of capturing pictures in a way that will take your breath away. But, if you do, becoming a freelance photographer isn’t a bad idea.

We recommend creating a website to market your photos for future clients to view before hiring you for your services.

Top Freelance Gigs to Know

Working a regular job isn’t for everybody, and that’s precisely why we’ve created a list of the top freelance gigs to try. Whether you’re experienced in IT or have a knack for writing, there’s something for everyone.

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