Around 4.4 million people in Australia live with a disability, and nearly 1.4 million of them live with severe or profound disabilities. It means they always need help with their daily self-care, communication, and mobility activities.

It is a good thing that the Australian government provides disability support and services. For example, there are disability services in Gold Coast that are National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) providers. They provide services that allow persons with disabilities to live independently because the Australian government believes that persons with disabilities also deserve to live independent lives.

There are many services that these centres provide. Here are a few of them: 

NDIS Short-Term Accommodation

This service is aimed at people looking for short-term or weekend accommodation. This service provides people living with disabilities a wide range of services so they can engage in different activities like

  • access to sporting events
  • access to concerts and theatre performances
  • entry to Gold Coast’s theme parks.

This service also provides clients with meals during their stays, such as breakfast, morning and afternoon tea, lunch, and dinner. 

Supported Independent Living

This service helps persons with disabilities to live as independently as they can while they develop skills. The living arrangements are designed for residents to engage in various activities and programs while developing their independence. It is also tailored for each individual’s needs. They are given all the help and assistance they need to live comfortably while having their privacy. 

School Holiday Support

This program is designed for school-aged children. Under this program, the children are catered to in a safe environment to interact with other children socially. They can also learn life skills like transport training, money handling, and other everyday social interactions. The kids also participate in fun activities like pottery, Zumba, hip-hop dancing, tie-dying and more. 

In-Home Support

This service includes daily tasks that can make independent living much better, such as:

  • home cleaning and garden maintenance
  • banking tasks
  • attending to appointments
  • day-to-day preparations
  • self-care

Why Is Support So Important For Them?

Disability support services are important because they help people with a disability develop the needed skills and behaviours for living normal lives. It can also assist them in getting employment. These disability support services are ways for people with disabilities to overcome their circumstances.

Quality living is also important for persons with disabilities. The disability services Gold Coast offer allow them to live quality lives. It also allows them to live fuller lives. They can go to school, have jobs, socially interact, and enjoy the things they love.

Helping people with disabilities is not just for them but for society as well. When they are empowered and encouraged to contribute, society also benefits from their enfranchisement. When they can share, society becomes better.

Disabled people should be treated like people who can make a difference and contribute to making the world a better place. For them to be able to contribute, society must first empower them. And one way to empower them is by providing them with accessible disability services.