Puppies are little bundles of energy, and they can be troublesome to manage if you do not train them properly. Once you start training your puppy, it makes them more obedient and manageable. It also keeps their mind and body stimulated, and they will have an activity to expend their energy. Besides, if you have adopted a puppy, it will give you a chance to bond with them.

Unless you have an older dog, it would be very easy to teach them tricks, and they are also very eager to learn in their early stages of life. Also, some dog breeds are very trainable as compared to others.

Training a puppy is not a difficult job, and you can do it yourself at home as well. You just need to keep a few treats handy to reward them.

So, here are five basic things to teach your puppy.

  • Speak and Be Quiet

Teaching the puppy to speak and quiet commands will help you manage their excessive barking. While they may not speak in your language, they can bark on command. Not only is it a good trick to teach them, but it also helps solve a common behavioral problem.

If they are barking excessively, commanding them to be quiet could prove to be helpful in some situations. On the other hand, if you want them to bark in a particular situation, the speak command can help.

  • Back Up

It is a fun trick, but it is also an obedience training trick that will help you discipline the puppy. If your puppy is always overexcited, teaching them how to back up on command can help you manage their excitement. For instance, if your puppy is in the habit of rushing headfirst from the front door whenever you put on the leash, then teaching them to back up will keep them in line.

obedience training

You need a few treats and some patience to teach them this trick, and it will come in handy when you put on a leash or some wearables.

  • Shake Paws

What do humans do when they meet each other? Well, shaking hands is the most common way of greeting, and your puppy must also know how to shake hands or paws. You can teach this trick to your puppies in a couple of training sessions. It is essential to teach your puppy, and it also helps to discipline them.

  • Spin

It is a fun trick to teach your puppy, and it is a very simple trick. You have to hold a treat near the puppy’s nose and move the treat in the direction you want your puppy to spin. It is a cool trick that you can show off in front of your friends. If learning the spin trick is easy for your puppy, you can teach them to spin in a particular direction.

  • Heel

As a puppy owner, you will be taking your puppy out for a walk at least once a day. Having a problematic puppy will make it difficult for you to take them on walks. Teaching them to heel will ensure that they stay near your heel or behind you whenever they are on the leash.

These are some basic things to teach your puppy; besides being fun, these tricks will also make them more disciplined and help keep their minds stimulated.