Information is one of the greatest assets a business can have. The billions of terabytes of data being transferred worldwide are proof that the whole run on the information. Data collection and comprehension become a critical task in an age where information is integral to any business.

Though there are numerous effective tools that can help gain business intelligence, many companies often indulge in unproductive data analysis practices that do not yield the best results. Data analysis is an intricate process, and using the wrong methods can create different interpretations of the same information, leading to business conflicts.

This is where the Infor BIRST comes into the picture. BIRST is a cloud-based business intelligence tool that allows enterprises to bring all the moving parts under one umbrella. This shared platform creates a synergy between different business processes and helps decision-makers by providing better insights into their business.

An Infor specialist would vouch for the Infor BIRST and why it is effective for businesses to overcome their challenges with flying colours. If you operate a business, you should know these four surprising benefits of Infor BIRST for your business.

  1. Data View Consistency

Every company has to manage data from different sources. Whether the data lies in the cloud, data lakes, transactions, or anywhere else, it becomes critical to have consistent and steady access to this data. Businesses that struggle with data consistency challenges can find a ray of hope in BIRST.

BIRST uses “intelligent unification technologies” to unify the data from different sources and create meaningful insights that help you make the correct business decision. This consistent view of data ensures you get reliable and constant access to the business data. 

Infor BIRST for Your Business

  1. Better UX

User experience determines whether the customers are satisfied with your product or services or not. When the data is not easily accessible and available when the user wants it, it drastically affects the experience.

Thankfully, BIRST provides a state-of-the-art dashboard with effective and responsive user interface features that allow users to view and access data whenever they want. When the user is confident that the data is accurate, that confidence reflects in their decisions.

  1. Distributed access to BI

Different teams or departments like sales, marketing, legal, administration, finance need constant access to the business intelligence. Traditional businesses struggle to provide concurrent access to these different departments, leading to data integrity issues.

Confusion and conflicts may arise when two or more parties access and alter the data simultaneously. You can avoid all that with BIRST.

BIRST allows concurrent access through virtual BI. It promotes collaboration and data consistency even though various parties concurrently use the data. Each requesting party is considered a tenant who wants to access the virtual BI. The virtual copies of the BI are accessed by the different parties and used locally to get the desired results.

  1. Increased automation

The machine learning algorithms used by BIRST allow businesses to automatically discover and fix different inconsistencies that are affecting business performance. It will enable the company to automate their repetitive work and increase the processing speed.

Infor BIRST is undoubtedly the best business solution to deal with data inconsistency. Make sure you hire the right partners to integrate BIRST into your existing infrastructure and ensure a smoother transition.