Are you a gambler? With the stock market experiencing wild highs and lows and the economic outlook uncertain, investing in the stock market can feel like being at a casino.

Consider alternatives like precious metals, for example, gold and silver. But before you leap into the silver market, you might want to read up on what works and what doesn’t.

Here’s everything you need to know about choosing silver buyers.

1. The Basics

You might have seen lots of chatter about silver on Reddit and YouTube. It is becoming just as talked about as bitcoin in some circles. It is a great investment, for sure. But let’s hang figure.

Before you swap your hard-earned bucks for shiny silver, it’s a good idea to nail down the basics. You need to understand what silver actually is and how you make money.

Investing in silver can take many forms. It’s not as easy as buying and selling. Silver investors have two options. Invest in metal bars or buy securities. These can move the price of silver. It is the real silver that most investors go for.

Bars All the Way

You can buy silver bars from all the big banks and dealers of gold. Unlike in the movies, it’s unlikely you’ll ever get a chance to go down in the vault and see it. You might not even be able to afford an entire bar, so will be sharing that bar with another trader.

Sometimes you can find coins with a ratio of silver in them. This was historically the case in the U.S. But today, these are often collector’s items rather than items for trading.

On the one hand, there are collector coins whose value can rise and fall due to factors such as the demand for a particular collector’s item.

Although these coins contain silver, they are not the primary price driver, so be careful if you are interested in investing in silver. In contrast, bullion coins function like silver bars and derive their value from the amount of silver they contain.

2. Working With Dealers

Many first-time silver investors fail to do their homework. They buy too high and rely too heavily on dealers to make investments that are not right for them.

Avoid scams. There are so many crooks on the internet that operate as buyers for silver. It is prudent to check traders first. Also, rely on a recommendation as well from a friend. Try to meet someone from the silver buying company first to make sure you trust them.

You should always seek independent financial advice when going into business with a dealer.

Like bullion and gold investment coins, silver has a high glamour factor for investors, especially in California. But don’t let the glitz and glamour of knowing you’re buying a precious metal cloud your judgment. Be safe and secure. Do your homework.

3. Investement Vechicles

ETFs are investment vehicles. They track an index or commodity. Investors who look to buy through an ETF should check out Ishare Silver Trust (SLV). This tracks the silver price. Most discount broker houses offer investors access to SLVs and other organized ETFs.

Are you a risk-taker? Then you can’t invest in mining stocks for every investor, pointing out that mining stocks, unlike securities, are not as easy to trade like stocks in an ETF. In some cases, investments in mining companies are restricted to public trading or organized in closed-end funds.

This means that if the price of silver falls, your investment could lose money if the company collapses or is unable to exploit its silver mines. Mining stocks should be considered if investors are willing to take more risks to earn higher returns.

4. Don’t Get Confused

With so many opportunities to purchase silver, it is easy for the average joe to get confused about how to approach the market. Ultimately, the choice boils down to a preference between physical property and non-physical property. Which method is the right one for you is up to you.

Given the historical role of silver as a currency and its industrial use, many believe that the precious metals will retain their value no matter what happens to the economy.

Physical silver and gold are not just investments; they are the ultimate hedge against economic uncertainty because they have been used as currencies in the past. Be sure to sell your silver when prices are high and times are normal. You’ll be sure to make a profit.

As with any investment, investors must decide which type of investment is right for them, based on what they need in terms of growth, liquidity, and risk tolerance.

Portfolio Diversity: Choosing Silver Buyers

Many investors see silver as a solid way to diversify a portfolio investment. Given the current climate where nothing is certain, this is important. Imagine if, in March of 2020, you’d had all of your stocks and shares in airlines or travel companies thinking they were full-proof?

ForEx is also not as stable as it once was as currencies like the Great British Pound (GBP) have taken a hit due to Brexit.  As some investors see it, silver, along with other precious metals, is invaluable. It’s a buffer against uncertain economic prospects.

Many investors waste their money chasing the market by buying silver when the market is high and selling when it is low. Instead, you could keep your money in silver as a long-term investment. Finding the right buyer is about finding the investor who understands the market inside-out.

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