Investing in stocks is a great way for you to build wealth and save for your future. However, knowing which Australia shares to buy is critical for making smart investments and getting the lowest stock prices.

If you’re interested in investing in shares in Australia, this guide can help! We’ve put together five shares on the Australia stock market that offer low prices.

1. Airbnb (ABNB)

One great share on the Australian stock market that you should be investing in is Airbnb. Airbnb is a unique business that serves both high-end and lower-end customers.

Since the company follows an incredibly successful and unique business model, Airbnb shares are likely to only continue to rise. That makes them a sound investment for your portfolio.

And, thanks to their unique business model, Airbnb has reinvented the way people travel. Currently, these shares are trading on 15x, making it a good investment in the present.

2. De.Mem (DEM)

Another great investment for those wanting to trade stocks is De.Mem. This company is seeing strong cash conversions, honest management, expanding margins, and fast-growing revenue.

At the moment, DEM is trading on 2x and has been steadily growing over the last few years. They also are under-owned by institutional investors at the present moment.

If you’re wanting to look for strong stocks that are flying under the radar, DEM is the stock to invest in. Using a company like Stocks Down Under can help you identify similar stocks and make wise investments.

3. MyDeal (MYD)

MyDeal has previously been a very volatile stock. These shares have been seeing many different changes, which have made investors wary of putting their money into these stocks.

However, MYD has been busy working on advertising optimization, mobile applications, and creating private label products. These are the same efforts that have made small businesses around the world highly successful.

Investing in MYD may be a bit of a risk, but with low stock prices, it’s the perfect investment to hedge your bets on. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make big money with an up-and-coming company.

4. Apiam Animal Health (AHX)

Apiam is a company that owns about 50 different vet clinics. They mostly help farm animals such as horses, cows, pigs, sheep, and more.

At the moment, it is trading on 18x earnings. And, their current takeover bid for online pet store Petstock may help lower their stock prices even more.

Both of these factors make it a great choice for you to invest in. You’re able to get low prices and invest in a company that’s on the up and up.

Take Advantage of Low Stock Prices

With these four shares with low stock prices, you’re ready to start investing in your future. Don’t wait until the prices go up, purchase these stocks today while prices are low and start generating wealth for a rainy day.

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