With over 17 million million shipping containers circulating the globe annually, it’s easy to see how your containers might get lost in the shuffle. Whether you are shipping products for sale or receiving merchandise, having efficient cargo transport that you can count on is essential.

Whether the shipping is by air, land, or sea, cargo transportation services will appeal to clientele in different ways. How will you determine what method is best and how to enhance your experience?

Continue reading as this article outlines 3 steps to ensure that your cargo container transport is running smooth and productive.

Choose the Right Cargo Transport Method for the Job

While determining whether you should ship by plane, boat, or rail, there are a few things you can consider. Time and money will play a large role in determining your method.


While it is the slowest course of the three, if you are looking to cut costs, and don’t need the product to arrive as quickly, utilizing the ocean to ship is the cheapest method. You can also ship heavier and larger products that you may not be able to by air, such as crude oil or heavy ores.


If you are in the market for speed, using air shipping will be your best bet. For perishable items, you would want a shorter transit time. While air is the most expensive to ship, it makes up for the cost with customer satisfaction.


When a long journey across the country comes into play and time isn’t as necessary, going by rail is a good method. Trains burn less fuel and can handle up to one hundred cars, so your cargo stays together. There is a lift cost to loading and unloading containers, but train transport has a high safety rating.


Another step to improving efficiency is the method of packaging you use, such as a ULD container.

For example, you could use aircraft containers or an aircraft pallet to pack your product. The cargo on a pallet is held in place with a net, while goods are packed into a container. Using a pallet is the cheaper method, but containers are easier to load and unload.

Trying to fit as many boxes as possible into your storage will allow you to move more freight. Try eliminating odd-shaped boxes, or those that put a small number of items into a larger box.

Update Your Software

Software solutions change quickly and can be used to enhance your shipping experience. Invest in freight management software to stay ahead of the game.

You will be able to consolidate your shipments, keep an eye on them, and cut down on the number of steps you need to carry out the delivery process.

Shipping Done Right

Using a cargo transport service can be simple and a logical choice when it comes to moving products. Putting these steps into play will help enhance your shipping experience.

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