When it comes to fashion, both journalists and readers focus on the clothing because trends are continuously changing and new patterns, designs, and colors are introduced to the market every year. Shoes, handbags, and hats get less attention, but they certainly need to be explored, which is exactly what we’ll do today. We’ll go over three of the most popular hats that have impacted the fashion industry, as well as where we can see them now, so if you’re eager to find out more about these accessories that you’ve seen on aesthetic Pinterest pictures, this is just the place for you.

Jacqueline Kennedy’s pillbox hat

It would be a crime to write a thread about hats that have had a giant impact on the fashion world without mentioning Jacqueline Kennedy’s iconic pillbox hat. A trendsetter of her time and one of the most stylish First Ladies America has ever had, her famous pink pillbox hat worn in Dallas, Texas has been one of the most popular headpieces ever since 1963. Her hats were custom made by the designer Roy Halston Frowick to match her outfit every single time she went out in public. These days, although iconic, pillbox hats are not as widely worn, but they’re beautifully portrayed in series and movies, for example Natalie Portman was wearing one when playing Jacqueline in the 2016 movie Jackie.

investing in an Irish cap

Irish caps

The Irish cap is without a doubt the most practical headwear on this list, which is not surprising given its origins and popularity among Irish laborers at the turn of the twentieth century. What began as a poor man’s hat quickly evolved into a classy element of noblemen’s hunting attire, and it was only a matter of time until these caps became widely popular among men of all social classes and professions. In recent years, they’ve been brilliantly portrayed by the characters of the Peaky Blinders series, reigniting their popularity and causing them to be worn more and more by an increasing number of men.  As a man, investing in an Irish cap will instantly elevate your style, make you look more classy and put together.


By far one of the most popular and easily recognizable hats, fedora has definitely secured its place in the top of the classiest headpieces. Despite being associated with Western movies, cowboys, and even the Chicago mafia, few people know that originally fedora were designed for women and at the end of the 19th century they even became a symbol of the fight for gender equality and the rights of the women in the Western society. Later on, just like the Irish caps, fedoras were popularized by the noblemen, particularly Prince Edward of Wales, who started wearing them in the 1920s. Today, these hats are mostly linked to some characters such as Indiana Jones in the Indiana Jones franchise or Humphrey Bogart from the Casablanca movie, but it is also popular among celebrities and public people such as politicians, singers, and actors.