There are some seriously sticky things in the world. Some of these things are very useful and can be used in a variety of different industries and applications in order to help to make the world a better place – so what are the world’s stickiest things?

The stickiest animal

Let’s start with the stickiest animal out there: the gecko. The gecko is known for its amazing ability to defy gravity thanks to the stickiness of its feet. While the feet aren’t covered in glue, the toes are covered with hundreds of tiny hairs, and each hair splits off into hundreds of even smaller hairs. This creates a massive surface area, making it easy for geckos to walk upside down!

The stickiest products that humans use


Superglue is one of the stickiest products in existence: it can even be used to glue a table to the ceiling of your home!

Epoxy glue and other adhesives

Expoxy glue and other similar products like No More Nails are strong enough to bond two separate items together to make them one item. This is useful in a wide range of industries, including the construction and the metal industries. If you are looking for a high-quality metal bonding adhesive, check out for a selection of metal-to-metal adhesives.

Glue strips

Glue strips are another man-made creation that are super sticky. The strips are normally used to capture pests, including rats, mice and cockroaches, and the strength of these strips shouldn’t be underestimated. If the glue were placed on a 2m by 2m board and a human got stuck on it, they wouldn’t be able to move!

Fat and oil

Fats and oils are also very sticky, although many people wouldn’t consider them to be sticky. Both of these products can cause pans to stick and burn, so innovative companies such as Teflon have created pans that are resistant to sticky fats and oils, making cooking much easier for people.


Hairspray and hair gel are very sticky: you probably already know this if you have ever managed to accidentally get any on your clothes or your hands! Both of these products quickly stick to hair and adhere to it until they are washed out, and they can stay in place for hours or even days without budging.