Before you go to a dealership, you should know about the best GMC vehicle which you should definitely take a test drive off. The new GMC Terrain 2020 is everything an individual looks for in a vehicle. From ample power to the spacious cabin and more, this car has it all. You can know more once you are in Rigby GMC dealership. If you are still not convinced about purchasing it, then going through below points will help you make up your mind:

1. Engine power and performance

2. Different trims

3. Interior and infotainment

So, let’s go through these in detail!

1. Engine power and performance

Choosing this vehicle will offer an individual the option of three different engines. The diesel and standard one might not impress a person but still does offer great performance. The other powerful version includes 1.5L, 1.6L (diesel), and 2L turbocharged. Out of all options, Terrain owners always opt for the 2L turbocharged four-cylinder engine. This 2L engine is available as an option for SLE and SLT and standard for Denali version. The Denali model takes just 6.8 seconds to reach 0-60mph.

GMC Terrain 2020

With the 1.5 or 1.6L option, this vehicle can tow a maximum of 1500 pounds; however, the 2L option increases its towing capacity to 3500 pounds maximum, which is more than most of the competitors, can tow in a compact-crossover section.

The Denali version’s EPA is 26 mpg in city and 30 on the highway. However, in numerous cases, it has outperformed the given numbers and has reached 28 mpg and 39 mpg in city and highway respectively.

2. Terrain 2020 models

Four different models are available for people looking to purchase a GMC Terrain. The basic one is SL and costs $26,195. The mid-range ones include SLE and SLT and priced at $29,595 and $32,395 respectively. The last and best Terrain 2020 trim is Denali, which costs $39,495. Though numerous people choose the SLT model, most opt for Denali one as that offers the best of everything. The Denali variant is the most sold unit from GMC dealership Serving Rigby.

3. Interior and infotainment

Though it is a compact SUV, this vehicle comes with ample cabin space for driver and passengers to have a pleasurable ride. The build quality is more than standard and offers a sophisticated look. Also, buttons on the center console make everything accessible easy to the driver and are quite responsive. Also, there is enough space for cargo, and if the back seats are folded, it will offer more space than most of its competitors.

This car comes with an updated infotainment system that includes smartphone integration such as Android Auto and Apple Car Play, connectivity features like the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hotspot, and more. All trims are equipped with 7-inch display, while the Denali one comes with the 8-inch variant.

These are some of the things which explain why you should buy the new GMC Terrain 2020. Visit a dealer today and know more about this vehicle before ordering one for yourself. If you want to have the best compact crossover vehicle in your garage, then definitely GMC Terrain is the way to go.