With numerous accidents often occurring in today’s world, dents on car have become quite a common occurrence. To fix a dent appropriately, most opt for Coeur d’Alene paintless dent removal. However, several individuals might not be aware of what it is or what the benefits of choosing this dent removal option. To know about it, simply go through info below.

Paint less Dent Removal (PDR) in detail

It refers to an approach where dents in a car are repaired by reshaping panels. It means that one doesn’t need to paint or fill over the damage portion. During this procedure, specialized tools are utilized for massaging and pressing damaged piece/portion from behind. This ensures a car’s dented area to push out, which reinstates the original shape. This gets a vehicle’s bodywork repaired without damaging any paintwork done by manufacturer.

It is an alternative to traditional dent repair option, which is becoming popular among people as it offers a quick fix and also is quite cheaper than conventional method. Due to omission of painting work, the entire procedure gets completed within hours.

Now, have a look at the benefits of PDR!

CDA Paintless Dent Removal

Advantages of PDR process:

There are numerous perks that leads people to opt for this method. Some of these include:

1. No discoloration

With PDR procedure, one doesn’t have to worry about matching paint color which is a hassle in traditional dent fixing approach. No portion of a vehicle’s body is altered; hence, it is something which no one needs to worry about when fixing dents.

2. Cost effective method

When compared with any other dent fixing approach, PDR is observed to be cheaper than the rest. It is a procedure where no painting is required at all and thus, is quite fast. Hence, it a cost effective method for fixing dents.

3. Works on any dent size

Irrespective of dent’s size, PDR option can be utilized for fixing it. It is ideally suited for shallow and larger dents where paintwork didn’t break; however, it can be applied to minute dings too. If paintwork gets damaged when a car gets a dent, then it will need paint job too. To know more contact CDA paintless dent removal.

4. Claiming insurance not required

PDR is often cheaper than insurance excess. It means that an individual doesn’t require making claims, which in turn, ensures a person’s insurance premium to be lower as expected. However, there might be times when there is a large dent, where one need to claim insurance but that is another issue altogether.

5. Controls car value

Even a minor damage often affects resale value of a car. Therefore, choosing PDR process offers an excellent way to fix such damages and maintain the best possible car value. Moreover, it is a remarkable option for old or antique vehicle where finishing and color matching is quite difficult.

Now you know about paint less dent removal in detail along with its benefits.Next time you get a dent in your car, simply opt for this approach for saving money, time, and more.