India – The country of culture and elegance – marks a position in every traveller’s bucket list. The country offers a variety involving adventure, nature, beauty, etc. which makes it different from rest of the world. There are endless locations which are extremely famous and we keep them on our wander list to pay a visit for sure anytime during the year. But, ever wondered – are there any other places that we need to know and get them on our list? Never do us. Yet, we’ve got you some of the most untouched serenities in our own beautiful country which are a treat to our next holiday:

Kanatal – Uttarakhand: Are you a romance lover? Or are you looking for something serene to go for with your partner? Then, Kanatal is the destination for you. Also known as the hamlet for romantics, this place is situated 80 kms from Dehradun. The mesmerising views followed with the exceptional terrace stays makes this city distinct in its own ways

Velas – Maharashtra: In the today’s era where the species are on the extreme urge of getting extinct, this village is where you meet the people who are fighting to save the turtles. The village is proudly working on the cause which aim to support and protect the endangered species of the turtle. This comes as a surprise to us because Velas is a part of our country with people having such dedication to protecting turtles. If you check Velas in your list, make sure you also mark upon the Annual Turtle Festival to make your visit worth

Mawlynnong – Meghalaya: International bodies named Mawlynnong as the “Cleanest Village in Asia”- OMG – And it is the part of our Meghalaya which remains untouched. The village is mesmerised throughout with the well maintained roads, cleanliness, spotless houses, structured architecture and discipline may prove to be a big slam on the so called urban beauties. The village is being taken care from both organic as well as inorganic wastes

MohammadpurUmri – Uttar Pradesh: If ever you wish to visit something weird or strange, then, this is the place for you. MohammadpurUmri is known for its weird twinning phenomenon associated to it. The place with a population of just 900, has approx. 65 twin pairs. Let’s get you another surprising fact – the twinning is not limited to humans – The place witness twining in cows as well as hens too

Gurez Valley – Kashmir: This place is a live example which glorifies the reason behind Kashmir being the heaven on earth. The breath-taking views followed with the peaceful voice of flowing river is the reason which makes Gurez Valley mark it’s’ space on traveller’s bucket list. The Valley is situated just below the Line of Control – which – comprise of another reason for it being safe and protected by the force.  Most suggested months for the visit are from May to September

I am very much sure that you guys must have got excited and putting around your fingers on google reading out for more details on the above said location. Well, you must be doing so.

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