When searching for a perfect car, most people opt for something practical yet stylish. This is why more people are interested in visiting Fontana Mazda dealer to get a vehicle of their choice. However, with so many vehicles Mazda has, it is difficult to choose a particular one. Hence, this article offers an insight into to three cars from Mazda that you should test drive at least once before deciding anything.

Mazda CX-30 2020 version

One of the cars that makes in this list is the new CX 30’ s2020 trim. It is a SUV which not only looks elegant but offers something more. With a 2.5L engine that generates a horsepower and torque of 186, it is quite the option. Moreover, it offers a mileage of 25 mpg in city and 33 mpg on highway, which is better than most of their competitors.

All four models are available in FWD and AWD drivetrain which allows people to choose whichever is more suitable according to their driving attributes. Mazda offers 4 different versions of CX 30 and the FWD base model’s price starts from $21,900 and AWD base model starts from $23,300.

However, be it FWD or AWD rim, most people opt for the Preferred or Premium package as these are equipped with numerous features and more that makes driving this vehicle bliss for all.

Mazda 3 hatchback and sedan

Whether you like a hatchback or sedan model, Mazda 3 2020 has got you covered. Mazda offers this vehicle in both hatchback and sedan style as massive amount of clients love this vehicle; some the hatchback and somethe sedan version.

Except the styling and build, more or less every feature is similar in both these cars. Both are equipped with 2.5L Mazda engine that is not only fuel efficient but offers ample power on road. Also, it generates 186 horsepower and torque of 186 lb-ft. Also, it provides owners with a fuel efficiency of 27 mpg in city and 36 mpg on highway.

The sedan starts from $21,500 and hatchback from $23,700. There are few different trims available for both, which is why most of them just opt for the high tier models for best performance. Know more from Mazda dealer Fontana.

Mazda CX 9 2020

Last one in the list of Mazda cars which one must take a test drive off is the 2020 model of CX 9.It is available in four different trims and both FWD and AWD drivetrain is available. It is equipped with 2.5T engine that produces a whopping 250 horsepower and massive torque of 320 lb-ft. Even with such powerful engine, this vehicle offers mileage of 22 mpg in city and 28 mpg on highway.

The base model is Sport which starts from $33,890 (FWD version) and $35,790 (AWD version). However, the top tier trim Signature is available in just AWD drivetrain.

These are three Mazda cars which everyone should take a test drive of before purchasing any other car. So, get a booking today for a test ride!