Anavar is common bodybuilding drug which helps cut down on fat and is often stacked with more steroids for better outcome. You will keep your muscle bulk intact while using the drug, which means it neither progresses nor regresses on that note.

It is important to note that Oxandrolone is not legal anymore and you cannot buy it in Canada without prescription. The drug primarily works by inhibiting the activity of glucocorticoids. These are types of hormone that increase the breakdown of proteins and interfere with protein synthesis. Glucocorticoids work in the immune system for tuning down immune response and would sometimes be used for treating autoimmune disease.

Our muscles are made up of protein, and the process of breaking that down and blocking the synthesis is detrimental for those who try to build muscle mass. Anavar blocks the action of this hormone and works towards building muscles. The process happens by preserving and preventing the drug from breaking down.

The effect of Anavar is not limited towards protection muscles from breaking down, but it also helps increase the muscle mass. The gains are not dramatic as it is with more other drugs like Dianabol or Deca-Durabolin. However, there is no water retained and all of the gains are pure lean muscle mass.

 Anavar has strong fat burning qualities and they act to rev up the process of metabolism. This works towards reducing fat and that tend to accumulate around muscles, and the definition of muscle shows through.

Buying Anavar in Canada

There are two ways to buy Anavar in Canada. You either have to go through underground sources or buy human grade. The underground sources are the illegal ways of getting the drugs. These are sold in the black markets. Human graded are the ones would need you to prescription to obtain. Getting counterfeited goods are not uncommon, so getting the right product is difficult.

It doesn’t matter if your buy HG or UG, as long as you are sure that the product is right. Most times, determining the quality of the drug is more difficult from obtaining different of its types. Anavar, sold anywhere, would be expensive. A lot of Canadian labs pass Dianabol stating that they are Anavar and sell it in the markets. This might make you get your hands on some Anavar named cheap products, but that might not be what you are looking for.

Even when you get Anavar on sale, they are not likely to be substantially low. When you find the prices to be at an appropriate level, you might have got the right product you were looking. Every 10 mg tablets of Anavar would chare $2 or more in Canada. The product you source would be at this level, and probably somewhat discounted. Black markets are likely to be more expensive as they will have a surcharge to get you such a source. However, Oxandrolone is not legal anymore and you need to prevent legal conditions.