A magnetic flow meter is a volumetric stream meter which doesn’t have any moving parts and is perfect for wastewater applications or any filthy fluid which is conductive or water-based. This is, for the most part, not working with hydrocarbons, refined water, and numerous non-fluid arrangements. They are additionally perfect for applications where low weight drop and low upkeep are required. The activity of this meter expresses that the voltage prompted over any conductor as it moves at right edges through an attractive field is relative to the speed of that conductor.

Establishment Considerations:

1. Select an area for the sensor where the stream profile is completely evolved and not influenced by any aggravations. A few circumstances may require 20 channel widths or all the more upstream to protect a completely created violent stream profile.

2. The magnetic flow meter is delicate to air rises at the anodes. On the off chance that there is any inquiry that the funnel is full, mount the sensor at a 45 to 135 point.

3. Inline stream meters don’t require as much straight channel as the addition styles. At least 5 to 10 funnel distances across of straight run upstream and 1 to 2 breadths downstream is suggested.

Magnetic Flow Meter

4. In vertical channel runs, the stream should consistently run up and not down. These meters are extremely delicate to air bubbles. The meter can’t recognize entrained air from the procedure liquid; along these lines, air pockets will cause the meter to understand high.

Establishing necessities:

The magnetic flow meter is touchy to the electrical commotion, which is available in most funneling frameworks. In plastic funneling frameworks, the liquid conveys huge degrees of electricity produced via friction that must be grounded for best meter execution. Guidelines are incorporated with the establishment manual on the best way to best ground the magnetic flow meter. The presentation of the instrument isn’t influenced by the properties of the material, for example, destructiveness, thickness, pressure, thickness, causticity, and alkalinity.

Uses of magnetic flow meter:

It can quantify the progression of fluids, glues, and slurries in water, wastewater, synthetic, compost, dairy, food, drink, pharmaceutical, clinical, petrochemical, iron, steel, paper, mining, and rural businesses, and so forth. They are utilized to quantify water stream cooling in steel and force plants. They can quantify the progression of clean water, mucks, and so forth. in contamination and ecological control.

A good product:

The magnetic flow meter, basically known as mag stream meter, is a volumetric stream meter that is utilized for squander water applications and different applications that experience low weight drop and with suitable fluid conductivity required. The gadget doesn’t have any moving parts and can’t work with hydrocarbons and refined water. Magnetic stream meters are likewise simple to keep up.